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  1. Been awhile since I've been on the forum....

    I'm making my summer pilgrimage north from Palm Springs to Whidbey Island and this year I plan to make a short 2-3 day detour on the 395. I've never fished the Eastern Sierras and I'm looking for rivers and streams to hit and fly shops to visit. I would welcome any input from the members!

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  2. There should be a fly shop in Bishop. I would stop there and get some recon on current conditions. I haven't lived there since back in the 70's but I would think the Owens River would be an option, Crowley Lake and any number of lakes in canyons up the eastern escarpment will have fish. You will drive along the Walker River for awhile further up the road. Two or three days won't do the eastern Sierra justice but you might find a couple of spots to keep you entertained.

    I have driven 395 from Mexico to Canada and the section from Owens Lake north is my favorite-one of the more geologically fascinating roads in the country.

  3. As you travel north on 395, the first fishing town is Big Pine followed by Lone Pine. The streams you see coming down the slopes will cross the highway. You can turn left and follow them up into the mountains. They are are all freestone streams with riffles and plunge pools. Not the easiest to fly fish but fun nevertheless. Lone Pine has great views of Mt. Whitney and you can tour the hatchery which is the home to the Golden Trout. Bishop is a larger town with access to North, South and Sabrina Lakes as well as Bishop Creek - all good fishing. Just outside Bishop was where Ansel Adams photographed his seminal "Morning Light." Next is the ski town, Mammoth Lakes. Fish Hot Creek, a beautiful spring creek, with some big wily trout. The Owens River, a classic meadow stream parallels the highway. Crowley Lake in the valley used to be the finest fly fishing lake in the country and still has good-sized browns and rainbows. The June Loop has some terrific lake fishing. Grant Lake has good shore access. Bridgeport is next with more of the same good fishing. There are flyshops in Bishop, Mammoth, Lone Pine and Bridgeport. There is great history along the way. This is where William Mulholland diverted the Owens River from the valley downhill to the sleepy little pueblo of Los Angeles. Along highway near Lone Pine you can see the highest point in the contiguous US as well as the White Mountains which border Death Valley, the lowest. Just outside Lee Vining is the ghost town, Bodie, an awesome sidetrip.

    That's my story,
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  4. Leland, you have your towns backward-Lone Pine is the first town you go through when driving north. I am not familier with a photo near Bishop called "Morning Light" although one in Yosemite might have been called that. You are not thinking of the famous "Winter Sunrise" taken of Mt Whitney are you?

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  5. It's been so long. Was it Independence, Lone Pine, Big Pine then Bishop? Morning Light was the first light on the east slope with Whitney in the background as I recall? Anyway, we agree that that piece of geography is some of the best in the country?

  6. Anything that flows has trout usually. Check out the bristle cone pines too and goto touloumne.
  7. There's more water listed above than you could fish in a lifetime. Also up 97 in Oregon. Timing has a lot to do with it, the eastern Sierra streams are in run-off, so I'd focus on tailwaters like the Walker or lakes & reservoirs. Contact Dave Neal @ for up to date info and tips; super nice guy and great guide if you so choose.
  8. Thanks Leland.. always great having you post ... I will be sure to stop by the Bellevue shop and say hello. - Gerard
  9. G -

    hit every strip joint on the way back home, bring your softball gear and some cold beer and make tracks to Washington.
    Kings will be all over in the sound - let's get some!! We'll be fishing out of an Alumaweld from now on!!

  10. Let me know DP... I should be in Gig Harbor over the 4th... cold beers and a tight line for some Kings.... I am in!

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