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  1. super #8, 9 , 10 , 11. super series only thanks.
  2. I have an Abel X-Stream 10, 11, 12 weight reel that has not been fished. It is a backup to another identical reel but the reliability of the original has kept this one in its pouch for several years. Its been lined and test casted but never in the salt. Asking $260 shipped and included Pay Pal fees. If interested or need more info as to compatability with other Abel reels and spools, please pm me.
  3. Super 10 large arbor. NIB, $500.
  4. thanks but looking for a used one for salmon.
  5. what is an x-stream? pics? what is this reel comparable to in the super series?
  6. Just saw this so will reply this evening with info
  7. I am not much of a picure taker but if, after reading this you feel you want the reel but need a pic, I will ask my wife for help. I have used this identical reel on 3 Tarpon trips to the Keys without any problems. The one for sale is my back up. Please e-mail me at troutfly1@sbcglobal.net with more questions or follow up. Thanks, Stu

    The following came from the Abel Website just before this reel sold for the last time:

    Abel X-Stream Reels
    The most popular sizes of reels are 5-, 8- and 10s. Those three reels will take
    you into virtually any fishing situation. Our X-Stream reels are ideally suited
    for the needs of the fly-fishing newcomer, as an extra outfit for a lodge or for
    the person who only gets to fish a few days a year...yet
    wants the very best.
    The smooth Abel drag system and all other components are the same as our
    award-winning Big Game Reels, and anodized in what we call X-Stream
    In an effort to continually reduce our lead time on our Super Series, Big Game
    Series, and Abel Creek reels in our hand polished black anodized, and
    custom painted graphic anodized reels, we've decided to wave goodbye to
    our line of X-Stream Series reels in 2007.
    We have limited quantities in stock in the sizes below at reduced prices just in
    time for the Holidays. Each reel will continue to have an interchangeABEL Big
    Game or Super Series spool available.
    Abel X-Stream Retail NOW
    4-5-6-weight cork disc drag (5.3 ounces)
    Based on Pt.5 Design $265 Sold Out
    7-8-9-weight reel (8.5 ounces)
    Based on #3N Design $390 Sold Out
    10-11-12-weight reel (9.8 ounces)
    Based on #3 Design $405 Sold Out
    8-9-10-weight Spey Reel (10.9 ounces)
    Based on #4 Design $420 Sold Out
    Abel X-Stream Page 1 of 2

    Additional information follows from another source. I believe that it is correct but you should be able to call Abel Automatics in California if you need to verify anything, especially the interchangeability feature:

    This is the same reel, form, fit and function, as the Super 8 standard arbor reel, previously named the Big Game #3. Spools and frames for the Super 8 and #3 reels interchange with this reel.

    The Abel X-Stream reels were produced in the Abel factory as a more affordable line of Abel reels. Produced exactly the same as the high-end reels with the same components and quality.

    The differences?

    1. A tumbled finish and then anodized instead of the hand polishing that goes into the higher-end models.
    2. A Delrin handle as opposed to the exotic hand-polished wood handles.
    3. Less milled holes.. this slightly increases the weight (nothing really) and made for less machining and labor in the production process.

    The drag... smooth as silk! The same world-famous system as in all of the other Abel Big Game Series reels.

    Features the FelxABELity design.

    Last Retail: $405. Retail for the Super 8 standard arbor reel: $680. This is a world-class reel for salt and freshwater at an amazing price.

    Weight: 9.8 ounces
    Spool Diameter: 3.9"
    Spool width: 1.125"
    Line capacities: 275 yards of 30# backing with a 10-weight line, 250 yards with an 11-weight and 220 yards with a 12-weight. If you use Spectra, you can more than double these capacities.
  8. I have a used, black, "Super 8". I put that in parenthesis because it is a ported Big Game 3 body, with the Super 8 frame porting and Super 8 LA spool. Recently tuned up at the Abel factory. In excellent mechanical condition and very good cosmetic condition (the most outstanding mark is a ding that is 1/4" long). Comes with Abel pouch. If you want pictures, please send your email address. Price is $360, including shipping to lower 48 via UPS Ground.
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