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  1. I'm in the market to buy a used drift boat. I have been looking for about a month now. I am looking for a 2006 or later model. I've seen 2006 to 2008 Clackacrafts being sold for $6,200 to $$7,200 dollars for the Fly Fishing Bench Model. I contacted Clackacraft and I was told I could buy a brand new one for $7,400 dollars. I've seen 2006 to 2008 Willie Drift Boats selling for $6,500 to $7,800 dollars. I contacted Willie and I was told I could get a new set up for about $7,200 dollars. I don't want to spend more then $6,000 dollars on a 2006 to 2008 drift boat that is in good condition. Do drift boats really hold their value or are people just asking to much money for them?
  2. I'm sure nothing I will say here is new to you...

    I've eyed the used market just for giggles- I'm not really serious about buying one at this time. However, I like to dream. I also like to buy vehicles and vessels used, for two reasons: 1) Someone else can take the initial depreciation hit, and 2) Someone else can get the first chine ding or fender dent. Hurts a lot less that way.

    Certain brands will get a higher resale price, for sure, but I think drift boats in general never lose the ability to get a decent price (if they're in decent shape) because it's a relatively small market that uses them. Clacks seem to get the highest used prices. Aluminum seems to be generally cheaper than glass. Generally.

    That being said, times are tough- if the drift boat industry is at all like the automotive industry (and hopefully it's not), you might be able to get a new one for a great deal when compared to a gently used one. If you shop the used market I bet you can find what you want for the price you want. Check Craigslist locally, as well as Idaho, Montana and Oregon. Lots of used boats available, wide range of prices.

    If you can, have cash (actual greenbacks) in hand when you go to look at one- that may get you a sweeter deal, new or used. Good luck- wish I was in your shoes. But my wife says no drift boat for me right now. I need to work on her some more ; )
  3. Why do you want so new? ALot of these boats are just as good as their newer brethern. Nice thing, you can get some hellacious deals on a well outfitted boat that's from the 80's/90's. Why not pickup a used boat for about $3-5k and have enough to buy yourself a good scooter for a shuttle and still have cash to buy some new rods. :)
  4. iagree

    I've seen a lot of boats described as excellent condition with all the accessories, for the price range Jerry noted. Older boats that were privately owned may also be in a lot better shape than a year old boat turned in by a guide for the next model year. Unless you have to have the latest design, you can save coin by searching older boats.
  5. Since you've been looking at Clack's, check out their used boats. These are guide trade ins. When a guide trades in his boat, it's the hull only. So these boats not only get refurbished, they get new trailers, oars, anchor, the works. Including Clack's 100 yr warranty. A lot of manufacturers have a similar guide program.

    The flyfishing bench and the low sides are two of Clack's most popular boats. I've seen some good deals come up now & then. Just be patient and keep looking.
  6. With many used boats you get a lot of accessories that you would have to purchase in addition of a new boat. That can add up to several hundered $$.

    Be patient, know what you are looking for and what the market value is and when you see a deal be ready to jump on it. You can also offer much lower than asking price (usually just the starting point). Sometimes you will really piss someone off, but you will fine their bottom dollar.
  7. Gotta ask yourself do you want an old boat for $4K or $5k or a newer boat, tunnel hull, low profile, better storage, better trailer, etc? when I was in the market I wanted a newer boat and with the price of newer-used boats I ended up spending and extra $1000 and got a brand new model in the color I wanted, length, and options. With me being in Canada I got lucky and bought my Clack last year when out dollar was par, Now up here used drift boats are selling for more than I paid for my new boat. Sucks as a Canuck now as you will now pay a 25% premium because of our dollar. No regrets spending a few extra bucks for new. These boats hardly depreciate.

    If you go used the way to go is a factory refurb. They re coat the boat, and all repairs, chines, etc if necessary. This way you get a new trailer which seem the weak link on some used boats.
  8. I have a 2008 clack fly fishing bench, love it! Boat owners seem to think their boat is worth what they orig paid. I bought mine new because there were not any used around at that time and I was in a hurry. I have seen a lot of nice clacks on Craigslist (seattle and portland). I really like the FFB but if I spent all my time trout fishing I would prob et the 15' lp. Dont feel bad about making a low offer...worst they can do is say no.
  9. Andy, my $5k was for a newer used boat loaded to the gills. But you can find PLENTY in the $3-4k that are barely 10 years old and in excellent to near new shape. You don't need a refurbished. Hell, these boats will last a lifetime if cared for, and that's what youlook for when you're shopping. Trailers are here and there. Most newer boats have decent trailers. My driftboat is still going strong and FINALLY ready for it's restore (which I've been playing with off and on for 2 years now). I've fished it hard. And it's a 1969 glass driftboat with a matching trailer. Both are still fishable and the trailer has needed NO work, except I stripped it down once to repaint. Other then that, it's been great. But you can find the low sided flyfishing style boats pretty readily. But the tunnel hull shouldn't be a desiding factor on a boat. Storage is here or there. You don't need THAT much. Hell, my drifter accomodates just fine, and it's not loaded with storage like these newer boats. But are you fishing or stockpiling for war? I've done multiday trips with my old glass drifter and still didn't have a problem with it. So don't judge an old boat because of it's age. Doesn't mean a thing.

    But you're up in Canada, which probably would've been a problem. Since we're in driftboat country, it's easier to find. But for a $3-5,000 cut in price, I'm not going to worry about not getting the color I want.
  10. Thanks for the advice. I have been looking for a used Clackacraft FB for about a month. I mostly do flyfishing, but I have several friends that don't flyfish and that is why I want the Clackacraft FB. The aluminum ones on craigslist are all nice, but they all want more then $6,000 for them. There is currently a used 2003 Hyde aluminum for $6,500. I saw a used 2007 Hyde aluminum sell last month for $7,000 dollars. I tried to negotiate on a 2008 clackacraft FB and get it from $6000 down to $5,500, this was my biggest mistake because it was sold out from under me. I should have just bought it for $6,000.

    capt kirk,

    I looked at that Clackacraft and I would get it, but I don't think that you can put a bench seat in the front.

    I just have one complaint about the way people post drift boats for sale on craigslist. "For sale 2001 Drift Boat for $5000 dollars. To purchase this boat new would cost you over $9000 dollars".

    I have a 2004 Toyota Tacoma that is worth about $10,000 dollars. To purchase this truck new would cost you over $30,000 dollars.
    Do you think if I posted my truck on craigslist for about $20,000 dollars and wrote to purchase it new would cost over $30,000 dollars, I would be able to sell it for $20,000.
  11. Good deals are out there. I just bought a 2008 Clackacraft 16 Lp for 4500.00. Just be ready to buy with cash in hand.
  12. Dave and I got a guide on the Madison a couple of years ago that recycles his boats back to Claka every two years and gets a new one for, I think he said, $1800. Claka then "refurbishes" them and sell to the retail market. I'm sure it comes with all the warranties one could want from a manufacturer, and I have no doubt they are in great shape. But you could tell, it was late in the season and he was about to trade in, because we hit every rock in the river. He didn't care. the chine had to be smashed and wicking water.

    I agree with Jerry, there are a ton of good used boats in the 3 to 4 range that will last a lifetime.
  13. Good boats hold their value. I know what you're saying, but you can't really compare like that. Like Jerry said, a boat that's been well cared for will last a lifetime.
  14. Saw several good buys on the Portland craigslist.

  15. Thanks for the help. I found a 2007 Clackacraft FB for $5900 that I am going to purchase. I chose the FB model because I need a drift boat for gear fishing(the buddies) and flyfishing.
  16. A lot of people want way too much for their used stuff. I regularly look at drift boats and motorcycles on craigslist. Somebody slaps a couple hundred bucks worth of accessories on and thinks that makes the boat/bike worth the same price as a new one on the showroom floor.
    The good deals go fast.

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