Useless Fishing and Poaching Report

Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by Ed Call, Sep 25, 2009.

  1. Ed Call

    Ed Call Mumbling Moderator Staff Member

    Today was fishing Friday. The misses did not want me to hog the whole day because she needed some free time too. Off before dawn to a small stillwater. First one there, looked across the water to see a bit of fog and a fair number of fish rising. Most of them appeared to be dinks, but there was a nice surprise here and there. Inflated the float tube with a high volume pump recommeded by a WFF member, 30 seconds per side, pretty dang fast. Rods rigged with one tiny dry on the floater and a small olive willy on the intermediate sink. Just as I'm clearing the launch area and getting some of the floater out for making my first cast there is a series of large splashes at my six. I turned, cast out nicely and although not very far the line and leader unfurled oh so delicately. Barely a ripple to show for that fly arriving but that did not last long, a fish exploded on that small drab yellow emerger like it had never had a free meal before. It was not big, but it was spirited and on the 4wt that 12-13" fish was a nice early morning treat. Today was going to be a great day, cool, calm, and fish on already.

    Then DEAD. The risers subsided, almost entirely. A bit of wind created a slight chop. I tried the intermediate. I tried a 12' sink tip. I tried tiny. I tried mid sized. I tried stimulators. I tried buggers. I tried streamers. I waked some large floaters. Still DEAD.

    Two hours later a trio of Spanish speaking gents arrived at the launch with an aluminum row boat. They proceeded to anchor up in the middle of the small lake and deploy their plunking gear. After my let down of "today was going to be a great day" to "DEAD" I was ready to pass on a little knowledge (that is the extent of my knowledge passing, a little). We don't speak English. No problemo amigo, si hablo un poco Espanol. I tried my best to explain that you can't use scent or bait. This was selective gear, artificials only, single barbless hook. Having lived in Spain for six years I can explain it, even if I don't know the words to say no bait. No problemo amigos, have a nice day. Took a bathroom break, photographed their white Chevrolet 1500 P/U truck with no vehicle use permit displayed, license plate and made a call to the WDFW Hotline. Got a live dispatcher but she did not have anyone on duty in that area. I passed on all the info and headed for the house.

    There were two other fly fishermen there, Mark, I hope you knocked them silly after I left. It was a great day after all, even though the catching was off. I hope everyone had a great day.
  2. Dizane

    Dizane Coast to Coast

    The curse of the first cast hookup.:beathead:
  3. Ed Call

    Ed Call Mumbling Moderator Staff Member

    Yeah, good point. I caught a steelhead hen on one of my first casts once on the Elwah. As soon as I landed her I went home. Tough to improve on one for one in just a handfull of casts. I never thought with all the risers that today would end up so tough.
  4. otto

    otto New Member

    perhaps if the WDFW printed the reg's in Spanish our lawbreaking friends may get the message... they'd atleast have no excuse.
    You blew your load of karma on the first fish!
    That's why I always do some "trick" casting to get warmed up!
  5. Trout Master

    Trout Master Active Member

    the state does put signs in spanish, russian, etc ,etc, it doesnt matter poachers know this means good fishing.
  6. Mark Yoshida

    Mark Yoshida Active Member

    After you left the other fly guy told them the fine was $500 if using bait. That got them to hightail it out of there quick. Of course I am sure they had more than a few fish. I only C&R 5for the day. Caught most on chironomids and indicator. Tough day, but it was a beautiful day off from work. Thanks for the invite. Will have to hookup again. Building my emerger patterns for my fly box since they started popping up at 6 pm and I didnt have the right stuff.
  7. Ed Call

    Ed Call Mumbling Moderator Staff Member

    Mark, I had those three gents the same thing when they first arrived, anchored up mid lake and started plunking. That other gent normally has great success there and fishes the lake frequently. I've learned quite a bit from watching and chatting with him. I'm glad my departure boded well for your fishing, but I'm ashamed that I told you to bring some tiny emergers and did not check to see if you had any before I left. I could have given you more than you would have needed. I apologize for that. You stuck it out through the evening hatch, awesome. I wish I could have stayed that long. I rarely get a chance at the evening hatches but the few times I have the fishing has been really fun. Until next time my friend! Ed
  8. Gary Thompson

    Gary Thompson dirty dog

    From otto "perhaps if the WDFG printed the regs in Spanish our law breaking friends may get the message....."
    Dude just cause "they" speak Spanish doesn't mean "they" can read Spanish!!!!! or any other language.
    No excuse, education is free.
    I don't care where you came from, get an education, learn to read and write.
    Sorry for the rant.
    I have many Spanish speaking friends and all have told me the same thing.
    Many of these people are to proud to tell anyone they can't read.