Utah cast & blast

Discussion in 'Trip Reports with Pics' started by liveblues, Nov 26, 2009.

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    4 days flyfish Green R. consistent action on those colorful fall browns. wading. knee deep swift crystalinne water. Albright a590 fly rod sweet set up.. trout beads. did manage 2 nice bows.. weather sunny, windy, skiff of snow.. Utah sun @ 5500' elev. makes 45F feel just right for flyfishing.
    Pheasant hunting utah benches.. 20 ga. nice to carry.. knocks down roosters good.. camera: Pentax W20
  2. Derek Young 2011 Orvis Endorsed Fly Fishing Guide Of The Year

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    Great photos - that float has become a yearly ritual for me.
  3. Gary Thompson dirty dog

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    Nothing beats shooting your own tying material, I bet.
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    nice fish! you guys fish the A or B section?
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    Fish B section..mostly, also hiked down from dam a mile caught dandy rainbows,.. best to hike avoid crowds..
  7. Richard Torres Active Member

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    Beautiful fish and fantastic scenery.

    Nice pics!
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    Who's the guy with the beard...he looks familiar. I was on a trip to the Tsiu River, Talarick Creek and the Kvichak with some friends from Utah and he was in the group...but for the life of me I can't remember his name. He's in a group photo of us standing on a float plane pontoon at Talarick Creek:hmmm: