UV Cure Surfboard resin

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  1. Norm Frechette

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    i live in a mobile home park and i personally did not suffer the problems that ny/nj is going through. the heaviest damage to me was when the power went out long enough to reset my DirecTV satellite box :mad::D :D

    Norwich, CT is lucky enough to have its own munincipal electric company that doesnt have the major problems as the other electric companies in the have.

    so far i have survived major snow storms (2009), tropical storm irene (2010), the last october snowstorm (snowtober 2011) and hurricane sandy (2012)

    the portable generator i have is gassed up and ready to go, but havent used it so far this year.

    another noreaster is on its way for today and tomorrow morning. winds in the 30-40 mhp range, gusts to 50-60 and rain/sleet/snow. i do not envy the folks in ny/nj who are out of power or who have lost everything they own from hurricane sandy.

    its truely sad that people are throwing rocks and eggs at the electric line crews who cant get the power back on fast enough. its not like you can wave a magic wand and everything returns to normal.
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    Good to hear that you are ok. Keep your head down for the next chapter.

    Kinda makes you wonder about folks sometimes. It would be in their best interest to
    assist in any way they could, but I guess we live in a different age now.
  3. Daryle Holmstrom

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    I made this one:

  4. Jim Wallace

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    Smaller containers of UV cure surfboard resin are available in ding-repair kits sold at The Surf Shop nearby here in Westport. Myself, I hate the smell and noxious fumes of polyester resin, and won't use the stuff indoors
    I like Stonefish's idea of using the Loon UV Knot Sense and coating it with the Sally Hansens, since I already have those.

    Daryle, That's a nice and simple design. I should make something similar. I'm going to go dig up my old little rock tumbler that I got for next to nothing at a yard sale, and see if I can't cannibalize the motor.