UV olive chironomid

Discussion in 'Patterns' started by Josh Smestad, Apr 23, 2010.

  1. I've been playing with UV Knot sense for fly tying lately, its great stuff. Easy to work with, just the right consistency and dries in an instant. I was needing some olive chiro's and decided to try it in place of a bead. What do you think? Size 20, olive thread with some ultra fine copper wire, body coated in 'hard as nails' and head dressed in UV Knot sense.

  2. That will bring them in. Could have used some of those yesterday man. I tried about twenty patterns, nothing biting. With all the activity I figured one dumb fish would make a mistake at the end of my line. Nice work!
  3. Yep, thats why I tied em up. After hearing that's what they were biting yeserday I had DOH! moment when I realized I had none in olive...
  4. I had a few in olive and tried them just a little distance from the surface. I got some long looks and refusals. I thought that an olive to grey coloration seemed to look like the food I could see in the surface film. I also did not have anything to match those size 40 cream colored midges. Fish that large should eat MEAT!
  5. Size 20 ??

    I think you have some steady hands & a GREAT macro lens.

  6. Why do you bother to go fishing. Shit, you never catch anything.
  7. Thanks, I don't really have steady hands or a great macro lens(it was a p&s) but I'm pretty good at doing what I can with what I got.

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