vacation report dry falls!

Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by Jefffly, Jun 22, 2008.

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    SKUNKED!! spent seven hours over friday evening and saturday morning at dry falls with a buddy we both got skunked and only seen 1 fish caught and that was at 9:30 pm friday night by a guy trollingt a black leech pattern! there was quite a bit of fish rising and being fairly active but just never got onto a good bite. also fished park lake for a few hours and my buddy got one fish about 12" I got nothing:( it was a great vacation though even if I didnt even get a bite!:thumb:
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    Sorry to hear about the poor fishing at Dry Falls and Park lakes.
    Sharon and I fished Blue lake (Grant Co.) on Sunday afternoon and did well.
    Boated a dozen or so, the smallest about 4" the largest 15" and very fat.
    The high light was a 10" tiger.
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    Dry falls sure has turned off.....
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    A friend and I fished Dry Fall for two days in the middle of last week. Even when it wasn't windy, it was slow. There were some damsels emerging, but the fish weren't clued into them. There were a few small midges hatching, and the fish weren't interested in them either. My friend picked up a nice bow and skinny brown on a green muddler on a full sink line. I picked up a pair of 5"ers on a damsel nymph in the shallows. Other folks were trolling deep with streamers, but not much activity.

    On our way out, we spent a morning at the north end of Lake Lenore. By the time we got there, there were already many hatched damsels and an amazing spinner fall of Callibaetis. I hooked and landed a 22" Lahontan on a seal bugger on my first pass - seemed like a hopeful sign. It reminded me of spring as the monster just bulldogged for 15 minutes before I could finally net it. We saw one large fish surface five or six times for Callibaetis spinners, presumably, as it moved from the shallows into deeper water. We trolled streamers for a few hours but without any further action. With the full moon that week, I bet a few fish slipped into the shallows to feed, but headed back out to cooler deeper water as the sun rose in the sky and the water warmed.

    Be warned; I think that I picked up swimmer's itch at Lenore. I was wearing shorts and neoprene booties = therefore wet legs. When I got home, I had what looked like a bunch of mosquito bites on my exposed legs, just above where the booties had been. Swimmers itch is caused by the larval stage of a bird parasite (trematode worm) that homes in on warm-blooded skin. These species of trematodes can't infect humans and are killed in the skin. They are kind of like the world's worst mosquito bites. They are pretty much healed up now, a little less than a week later.