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  1. When you are looking at someone's box of flytying material and misc. stuff that he has for sale, what are the things of value? I am looking at this guy's stuff he has and he has a ton of hooks, capes, fur, tying tools, a cheap vise or 2, dubbing, pretty much everything and he doesn't have any idea what it is worth. I know hooks are worth some money but what about everything else?
  2. Hooks are anywhere from $2-5 for 25 depending on maker
    Capes are anywhere from $14 to lots of money (depending on size and quality)
    Fur and hair tends to be $2-4 again depending on size
    Tools are $3-12 each depending on the tool
    A cheap vise is about $8
    Dubbing is about $1-3 depending on size

    These are all approximate retail values I have seen. Quality of the items plays a huge role in the price.
  3. I purchased 3 boxes of fly tying stuff that was from their grandfathers estate. I paid $40 for all of it. Took me 3 days to sort through it all. I have more colored feathers, saddle hackle and miabou thanI can ever emagine using. There were lots of feathers and some fur (enough moose patches to sew a hide). Lots of hooks (very good quality) some I will be able to use but lots of 24-28 midge hooks. I do not even fish those let alone tye them. Enough peacock and ostrich to make a flapper blush. There are a few files tied by what looks like well know tiers from quite a while ago. It was fun to go through it all, still do not know what some of material is. But the thing about purchasing a bunch of stuff is how much of it will you really use. If there is a lot you will never use then you would be better off just buying what you need when you need it. So in my opnion you need to get a very good deal to be worth the hassle.
  4. There is a dyna king vise with it that might be worth something. It looks to be in great shape it is not a rotary or anything though.

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