Vancouver island , BC?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by fly15, Jan 4, 2002.

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    I am going to be on vancouver island in early april near victoria because my sisters have a jump rope tournament.Are
    there any fly fishing opportunnitys on vancouver island for trout,
    steelhead,salmon? If so what flies and techniques should i try.
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    If you're going to be in the Victoria area in April, the Cowichan (sp ?) River, on the east side of the island between Victoria and Nanaimo, is going to be your best bet. The Cowichan is a good steelhead river, and April is a prime month. It is also apparently one of the best trout streams on the island, with a healthy population of good-sized browns. Try to contact some fly shops in Victoria or Vancouver for details. Also, try to get ahold of a little magazine called the Island Fish Finder. Maybe you can find a way to contact them and get them to send you a back issue with an article on the Cowichan.
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    I just came back from fishing the Cowichan this past week.
    Because the water on this river is very unpredictable with depth, and the fact that when it rains, a boat and a guide was a good thing, access up above by the lake this time of year was primed with trout and browns. Had fun, The trout go up about 4-7 lbs and are pretty stout resident trout by the way.
    Many salmon( coho) this time of year in the river, steelhead are not up so high, i was above stutz falls, which was unpassable in a drift boat. When the water goes down, they become a Kayak dream class IV- from what I read.
    I Had a guy from Island Outfitters 250-475-4969, Curtis, young fella- they have several guides, he's been with them 5 + years.
    I have been told to come back for the winter run on steelhead, i might do it too, great river.
    Below the falls is pretty great fishing and there are some wadeable areas, in the lower times of the year. i also was told it often dries up in June. It comes from a big lake, which itself is awesome fishing.
    We caught great fish and had a good float- lots of good holes, 3-4 miles in about 4 hours.
    Lower area should be good, but steels haven't shown yet. But the browns are high following the spawning salmon.
    Great place to go, about 30 minutes north of VIctoria.
    You can also go to the famous Campbell river, it is a bout a 3- 3 1/2 hour drive. (164 miles) north up on the east side. There are some pretty interesting closures up there for many different speiceies, so it pays to ask and look up the dept of fisheries and oceans. the license was 16.00 day
    Hope it helps.