Vancouver Island Spring/Summer Photo Round-up.

Discussion in 'Trip Reports with Pics' started by Huw Davies, Sep 22, 2008.

  1. Huw Davies New Member

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    With the passing of the season, I thought I'd post a few photos.


    As do most of us - I look forward to the Spring season after a winter of swinging the 8 weight for Steelies in big water. Its a time of renewal in the forest and in the stream. A time for the chironomds in the still water and salmon fry flies in the salt water estuaries. Bear cubs and fawns on the river bank. Blue skies and gentle showers.

    Springtime Chironomid emerger pattern.

    And the mountain tarn Cutthroat that take them with abandon.

    Spring streamer pattern I like for stillwater Browns.

    And the Browns that can't pass it up.

    Watching for rises in a high country, hike in lake.

    A Spring fog can make for some surreal fishing.


    Short sleeves and wet wading - when a streamside hike can be as enjoyable as the fishing. Pollen and wild flowers on the breeze - a time for the 2 weight and dry flies.

    Bears like places where water and land meet as much as I - and for the same reasons - berries and fish! They are truly my "spirit animal".

    My favorite fishin' partner's first dry fly caught trout.

    My first Van Isle Dolly Varden.

    A bevy of healthy stream resident Cutthroat.

    Wet wading on a fine summers day.

    I'm looking forward to the fall season and wish you all great luck with yours!
  2. Richard Olmstead BigDog

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    Nice shots and memories; thanks for sharing.
  3. Mark Walker Active Member

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    well done. great pics.
  4. Gary Thompson dirty dog

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  5. buford Member

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    GREAT pics. and commentary, DT.
    Looking forward to the FAll and Winter installments.
  6. EasyE Member

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    Great pics, thanks for sharing.
  7. Broderick Smith SeaToTree

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    Awesome shots -i agree on the bears man!
  8. Jim Wallace Smells like low tide

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    Thanks for sharing those pics. I always like to see good shots of Coastal Cutts. Thanks also for the good shots of your flies. Both the emerger and the streamer look absolutely deadly!
  9. Brett Angel Member

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    Cools pics! Love the shot in the fog.
  10. gbeeman Active Member

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    Great pics! What camera?

  11. Meat Sweats Retired from Fly Fishing

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    I can't waite to make the trip to Vancouver Island to shoot one of their giant black bears.
  12. Connor Parrish Member

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    Wow great pics! thanks for sharing with all of us!
  13. Rob Zelk I swing, therefore i am.

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    Excellent shots!! Looks like too much fun.
  14. Huw Davies New Member

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    Campbell River, British Columbia
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    Glad you liked them, and thank you all for your kind words!

    Its a Canon S3 IS. I really like it, but need to upgrade to the S5, soon!

    Actually, Arizona has some of the largest Black Bears in North America living up in the hills - so you might wish to stay home to do your trophy hunting.
    I'd sure prefer you shot our Van Isle bears with a camera, rather than a rifle - as I said, they're kinda my spirit animal - ha ha!

    And you'd be more likely to return to your vehicle and not find it a burned-out hulk, as well - a win/win kinda thing!
    I don't mean to be unfriendly - its just how it is in these parts and we really don't need those kind of tourist dollars.
    Our provincial/federal government might not feel its all that important to look after our bears - but I don't mind hauling their slack, some.
  15. Meat Sweats Retired from Fly Fishing

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    I hear you Buddy. I shoot the AZ bears too. And yess they are large. I'm an equal opportunity bear hunter. Didn't realize that bear hunting was such a sensitive issue in your parts.
  16. Huw Davies New Member

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    Campbell River, British Columbia
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    Ha ha - it probably isn't - but it is with me.

    I just find bears to be more interesting, personable and reasonable than the trophy hunters I've met.
    And they never seem to feel the need to make up for their ... umm ... inadequacies, with high powered rifles and the services of a taxidermist.

    Who knows, though. Perhaps if they had opposible thumbs they'd have a penchant for Remington 700s and we would have to run zig-zags when we were n the woods!
  17. Meat Sweats Retired from Fly Fishing

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    On the days when my numerous inadequacies are not in the forefront of my mind, I do chase bears around with a bow. A much more chivalrous hunting method. And who can afford taxidermists, I lop their heads off and eat the suckers.
  18. Huw Davies New Member

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    Campbell River, British Columbia
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    Touche, mon ami!

    I just prefer to watch bears with their heads still attached, is all. With all the delicious ungulates that walk around our woods, I just don't see the need to shoot something as majestic and interesting as a black bear.

    However, I'm sure your mileage will vary, on that.
    Just be careful where you park your truck while bear hunting on my Island - ha ha!
  19. mike doughty Honorary Member

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    great photos!
  20. Happy Gilmore New Member

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    DT, beauty shots! Thanks for sharing, my inlaws are all in CR and I'm their somewhat frequently(was in last wknd). Could be fun to hookup on a flow sometime. Fun to see the lightweight work as well, enjoyed a cut on a 000 (friends) last week and one on a 5wt (not the same!) today.

    I had the S1IS, used the S3 now for sometime and it's been flawless for macro or heli/any use. Didn't think their was much advantage to the S5 (or I'd changeup) ? Kudo's to you using the big cam in those scenarios, I'm not so keen using it on the flow routinely.

    If you must take a CD bear, take a Charlottes bear. Largest of the black's on a land shelf that didn't see the last glacier period, a company their owns both commercial licenses and typically hosts Euro and US hunters.

    You're the first I've heard that eat's them which makes me feel somewhat better the meats used. I'm more inline with DT on hunting bears period. Just see so many other easily hunted and prolific animals amongst other reasons, but not for a debate here.