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    I just back from two weeks on Vancouver Island visiting the wife's mom and dad and getting a little fishing in. I got nine days in between a wedding and Canadian Thanksgiving festivities. All in all, the fishing was great. I hit the beaches most every day during tide changes and the rivers afterwards. I caught quite a few fish, but since I fished by myself most of the time, I didn't get many fish pictures, as I hate to drag them on the shore. I did get to fish the Thanksgiving Saturday with my Canadian cousins and we really tied into the coho on a local stream. In 8 hours, we caught and landed nearly 20 coho, 4 jack springs and some real nice cutties. We did take a few pictures to memorialize the day.

    [/ATTACH] Dan\'s Coho.jpg Bob\'s Coho.jpg Harold\'s Coho.jpg
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    Nice pictures! That is too bad about the bad weather that day...
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    Nice pictures, looks like it was a great time!
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    Great looking fish. Congrats!
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    Very cool.