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Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by bwillroll, Oct 14, 2002.

  1. I learned a hard lesson this morning, and that is to never leave anything in your car. At 6:30 when I got up to go to work I came out of the house to see the back passenger window of my car smashed in. The vandals got off with with my saltwater large arbor Tioga reel and my Ross reel for trout. All my extra spools and fly lines were taken, as well as every fly box that I own with every fly that I ever bought or tied . The creeps also snatched my car stereo. The idiots failed to grab my 8 weight fly rod or my 5 weight or my brand new breathable waders. I guess I should clarify that I'm the idiot for leaving all that gear in my car over night in the first place. Just a warning to you all...take your stuff inside when your done fishing! :REALLYMAD :CONFUSED :ANGRY
  2. Sorry guy. I feel your pain. I too was a victim couple years ago fishing at the Green "Trash" River in Auburn. Jacked all my stereo stuff. I normally prepare myself for the worst thief conditions but unfortunately my battery in my remote alarm was out, dumb me.
    My advice, prepare for the worst and don't assume knowone will jack your stuff. Take ALL valubles with you or hide all your stuff as if there is nothing in your car if someone was to look into it. Try to park in the wide open too, which will deter to second thought of the thugs.
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  3. Three or four years ago, there was this same kind of vandalism going on in the Lenice Lake parking area. I haven't been to Lenice in some time, but I'm wondering if this is still going on over there. I do know there has been recent poaching activity in both Lenice and Nunnally, primarily by migrant farm workers. My fishing partner witnessed this going on.

  4. What a bummer! I feel for you my friend, nothing is safe anymore, any where. Be grateful that the creeps didn't get your two rods or waders, I guess.
    I used to take several rods and other gear with me, in case I wanted to try different set-ups, don't do that anymore because of all the theives and vandals.

    I also take my old van to the rivers because it is not much to look at and I figure it's not that attractive a target, so far so good!
    Always lock your property up even if you are only away for a few minutes. Most thefts of this type are "opportunity" situations so as best as we can, we must make sure not to give these creeps an opportunity.

    Always keep doors locked, and don't leave your garage door open if you're not in it (even when you are home)for gosh-sakes don't ever leave keys in the ignition or your car running to warm-up in the driveway!!

    We now have to live & act with the assumption that we are going to be ripped-off at any moment!
    What a sad commentary on what this society has become.
    LB :SAD
  5. I'm sorry you fell to that crap, I had it happen to me a few years ago... They broke into my garage and then broke into my tahoe to get anything they could get their hands on... No, I dont lock my truck in the garage, they just had to smash a window "just because", I guess. CALL YOUR INSURANCE COMPANY !! They may not and probably wont cover the cost of the stereo, but if it was on your property, they may cover all your other losses inside the car. Make sure you also file a police report, the insurance company will want that... My insurance company, Farmers homeowners, paid for all the repair to the truck, all the gear I lost (3 rods and reels in cases) because it was in the garage. Now on the driveway may be a different story, but it sure can't hurt to try. Thats what you pay insurance for.

    And just cause you lock your cars on the driveway dont think your safe. My dad had his car locked in the driveway and they broke into the car not for anything in the car, they wanted the garage door opener !!!!! once they had that, it was a free for all to get in the house. Now the alarm scared them off, but dont advertise your opener when parked on the driveway. Thats a key to get right in, and we all leave them in plain sight....
  6. I came home from a trip to the Elwha recently to find our house broken into. They took a 8 lb sledge from the garage to try and open my gun safe, breaking off the dial and handle. What morons! Did they think it would magically open after they broke that off?
    In any event, they never took any of my fishing stuff. Now the house is wired and monitored, worth it for the peace of mind.
    If I can offer some replacement flies or tie some for you let me know. I also just built a 5 weight on a Rainshadow blank. I don't have a lot into the rod and would be happy to "loan" it to you forever.

  7. Very sorry to hear of your misfortune. It makes you feel angry and vunerable I know, its happen to me.
    Although I would like to help you out, I don't have anything that I can give you as I have only a few fishing items.
    All the best to you.
  8. Roper, that's one of the nicest things I have heard on this forum. Kudo's! I'll donate some flies too. if you need a reel, go to they have redington reels for super cheap. now a story:
    Fly fishing is my life. I'm young (27), single, and love to fish. In the late 90's I fished constantly, I wanted to be in the industry, working as a guide, or at a fly shop, or whatever. On june 15, 2000 it all changed. I packed up my toyota pickup for a weekend trip on a thursday night to leave on friday morning. somebody stole my truck, with damn near everything I owned. all my fishing gear except my pontoon boat. multiple rods, reels, 400 flies, everything. They never found my truck, ever. this truck was sweet too. all done up for adventures, 4 inch lift, canopy with a custom built interior with storage gear and stuff. the works. I was devistated. ya the insurance company kicked down some cash, but how do you put a price on stuff the cant easily be replaced. I tried to buy new stuff, but it was hard to think about all the great times and memories I had with the old stuff. people get fond of their fly fishing gear. I swore of fishing for a while, started playing golf like everyday. Then, a very close friend of mine who guided in Alaska and Montanta died suddenly of a rare disease (he was 27) again, crushed. His memory got me thinking of fishing again. I took me over a year to pick up a rod again, and even longer to start to replace what I had lost. I am still replacing stuff to this day. I was seriously depressed. no joke. I am now back in the swing of things, trying again to make a career out of the thing I love to do. Don't be like me, don't give up. Ya gonna keep going, don't look back, move ahead. I'm met some wonderful people at this furum, and it encourages me to keep working on my dream. Sort of a sappy story, but I hope you find some inspiration. :COOK YT
  9. From your report, I have been way to careless - and lucky. I have often thought about the stuff I leave in my car, and naively, felt it was "safe". If nothing else, it will cause me to be more careful. I do have some older stuff, not top of the line, that I could certainly loan you for as long as you need.
    You're report of the vandalism just might save one of us from the same fate.
  10. Sorry to hear about your misfortune, bwillroll. I've got a spare Redington GD 7/8 Reel I can loan you for as long as you need. Just say the word and I'll pop it in the mail.
  11. I'm amazed at some of the class acts on this forum. I really appreciate the support and some of the selfless acts of kindness. I'm actually taken back abit by some of your responses. My sole intention was to share my experience and to warn all of you to be careful. You're a bunch of great guys. Thank you again for your kindness. :THUMBSUP
  12. Homeowners (and renters) will cover the stuff you had stolen (except the car stereo - car insurance will pay for that if you carry comprehensive) but will be subject to your deductibles. Personal Property is covered for "Named Perils" under your policy -fire, theft, vandalism, etc...but you can get broader coverage with no deductible under a Personal Articles Policy that includes coverage for breakage, lost gear that finds it way to the bottom or floats down stream (flybox?...basically any sort of accidental physical loss.
    It's pretty cheap and keeps a claim off your Homeowners policy. You can include sporting equipment, jewelry, art, collectibles, your agent and ask about it.
  13. Another place to avoid/be careful of (or maybe I was just due) is the bridge over Pilchuck Creek near where it enters the Stilly. I parked my rig there about two years ago and left a spare rod and my vest inside it taking just my fanny pack with a few essentials down to the creek. I was only going down to the mouth to take a look and make a few casts, more of a scouting trip than anything else.

    I'll spare you the details but I was only gone for 15 - 20 minutes max and my heart sank when I saw the broken glass on the passenger side window. At least it was just my spare outfit, some leaders, some tippet and a bunch of flies. Nothing that Kaufmann's wasn't happy to replace for me. At least I mostly tie my own flies. :AA
  14. What do I know---I'm just an old man

    I have parked there with no problems. I used to carry at least three different rods in my car. You never know what you going to fish for. So thats why I did it. But after hearing about all thr car thefts I now only carry what I'm going to use. So if I need to use other what I carry I'm S.O.L. I really don't like to fish that way,but what ever.

  15. I was as surprised as you since I fished that area for over 12 years without an incident. The cops said they were pretty sure it was a group of locals they know of who periodically drive up and down the river and check out the pullouts looking for ones where there are only one or two cars. They don't usually bother if there are lots of vehicles. I never heard back from the cops so I'm assuming they didn't ever catch the guys.......oh well :HMMM
  16. Sorry to hear about your break in, and I will be glad to send you a bunch of flies to cover part of your loss. I tie all my own, too. Just let me know the sorts of stuff you want or need and I will see what I can do.

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