vehicle kills wolf on blewett pass

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    If we're going to have another wolf thread, I"m bound and determined to have some entertainment fun with it.

  2. David Dalan

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    There have been wolves up there for well over a decade. Probably longer, including ingression from the Canuck side of the border. I think they have to have three generations of pups before they get officially declared an established pack. Wolves cover a great deal of territory. One from the Blue Mountains was tracked into central California anad part of the way back before the transponder was lost. If you live within 1500 miles of the WA/ID border, you have probably had wolves trucking around now and then for some time.
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    Too damn funny!
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    These wolf threads are gayer than a furry convention.

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    Darken that up a little and it would be a great steelhead pattern...
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    vehicle kills wolf on blewett pass

    We have reached our allowable impact number and must now quit driving!
  7. Porter

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    Steer clear of these wolf pack brothers..

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    I love wolf related threads they are so entertaining.
  9. Gary Thompson

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    Just another case of wildlife hit and run.
    Poor wolfy or should I say good hit driver.
    I say "good hit".
    If there have gotten to be so many wolves to get hit by cars, there are to many wolves. Just my .02
    Something I learned some years back is if the WHP catches you hitting and running from hitting wildlife it's a big ticket.
  10. bitterroot

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    Does wolf make a good fly tying material?
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    Unless I missed it, surprised there haven't been any Twilight references. Don't you guys that fish Steelhead on the OP see wolves all the time? I guess it might be hard to tell since they can change back and forth from human to wolf...
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    I suspect you were probably in more danger from the wild dogs than you would be from wolves.
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    Don't agree with the message here, but it reminds me of a T shirt a buddy of mine who was an air force fast mover pilot wore during Desert Storm--A crosshairs on a an arab with an AK riding a camel. It said "I'd walk a mile to smoke a camel". Loved that message.
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    Not even close to true (the part about "too many"). Florida panthers are extremely endangered and they are hit by cars. There are even stretches of highway with vastly reduced speed zones and flashing lights and signs and they get hit. When the population is tiny, each kill is devastating. And, by the way, from what I hear you don't want to get caught speeding in one of those zones, although a lot of people do. As to Gary's other point, the guy who did the hit and run on this wolf should be nailed.
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  17. zen leecher aka bill w

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    Hey.... the wolf was on the road without any insurance. Car guy has to pay for the wolf's negligence. Probably didn't have a license either. And was a migrant wolf without a green card.
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  18. GAT

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    At one time, "commies" and "reds" were the bad guys. Nowadays, it's "wolves". I suppose it could be worse and we could be dealing with "commie red wolves".
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  19. KerryS

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    Wrong, today the bad guys are the conservatives or the liberals; depending on which side is doin' the hatin'.
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    Nope... today the bad guys are moderates. The other two sides must hate them.