vehicle kills wolf on blewett pass

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  1. I totally understand this.... wolves usually want you gone from their area...leave or climb a tree! ... dead, Moose...well yeah if your drunk they kill you because you usually do something stupid. Cougars .... cant climb a tree, cant play dead, might as well be drunk ..your fucked!!! Play big and might live but damn the scars are going to be ugly!
  2. Chuck....sodomized...very doubtful...don't you know wolves howl cry chuck norris! ;)
  3. Except if you get jumped by a cougar, you might not even see it stalking you. You'll first realize there's a cougar nearby when it's on your back and trying to knock you down. Sneaky kitties.
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  4. I suggest that Alex MacDonald and Krusty retreat to a CONVERSATION and hammer out some of their differences. I bet once engaged in a CONVERSATION that they will find more similarities than differences and realize that their CONVERSATION will be more productive when they are not trying to have a big Johnson measuring contest in front of all of us. Come on gents, whaddayasayaboutthat? Try the CONVERSATION or keep airing it out in front of all of us?
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  5. Whose the big bad wolf now?
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  6. Holy cow, a fly fishing, long bow toting, Navy Seal history professor that forces would be car thieves to strip down naked at gunpoint and run along the highway. My history lessons would have been way more exciting if I'd had a prof like you back in the day. Guess I'll just have to keep reading on WFF.
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  7. You guys need to go fishing
  8. Thanks, JE ( I think!) I saw my job as bringing back to life the people & events that shaped our world today for my students, so they wouldn't just kiss it off and forget it. Krusty made a point with his comment about dusty parchment and superstition. It's unfortunate that kids today believe this, but remember, 1800 years from now, people will say exactly the same things about us, that we were steeped in superstition, lacked sophistication, etc. I made the point that people who don't study it seriously will repeat it, and here's a case in point. Napoleon got stopped at the gates of Moscow not by the Russian army, but by the Russian Winter. If Hitler had had enough brains, he would have realized that most things don't really function in -40 temps, and that it's a loooooooong way from Berlin to Moscow. Had he thought about it, and not opened the second front, he would easily have had enough resources to take England, and then where would the western world be? History isn't bullshit, superstition and legend, it's facts. Take the famous golden fleece from the legend of Jason and the Argonauts. Shepherds in Colchis, which is an area on the eastern coast of what is now Georgia-former Soviet Union, used to skin sheep and place the fleece in streams at the beginning of Fall, and retrieve them after Spring runoff. Gold dust washing down from deposits in the mountains would turn the fleece-what else-golden. Thus, the legend.
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  9. You should be around the campfire with this character. Add in a few more colorful characters from here and you will have endless entertainment during the trip and stories to tell for a very long time.
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  10. Good Call Ed, pun intended. Way to monitor.

  11. We should add a Chris Scoones log shotput contest to go along with all this, and celebrate by dumping a few 9mm rounds into the fire!
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  12. You're thinking of Cougars ;-)
  13. This sounds interesting ! we should have a forum campout, It would be like the Knights of the round table outing.
  14. More like something from Monte Python!

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