Vertical presentation fishing for Cabezon heating up in MA9...

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  1. Well, that's what one may assume a report in the saltwater forum involving renowned stillwater junkie Irafly may sound like, but not quite. When Ira called me up the other day to inform me that he would be camping in my neck of the woods and we made plans to meet up on the beach on Tuesday morning I was thinking that something of the sort could be a possibility.

    He mentioned he would be around for a few days, and that he didn't have his pram. I told him we could fish out of my pram on a stillwater somewhere, or better yet if he was interested, we could give the salt a shot. To my excitement he agreed! I told him to meet me at the beach at 5am, and I would bring everything. I sent Ed a PM to see if he possibly had a stripping basket I could borrow as that was the only thing I didn't have two of, but I found out later that my message never actually sent. I'm guessing I never clicked send or something stupid. So when we met up at 5 am I only had one stripping basket for the two of us. Not the end of the world, but the current at this beach can really get ripping and I knew it would be a real hinderance to not have one....Turned out that was exactly the case, but it mattered not.

    We hit the beach just at daylight, spreading out and begining to cast. Ira didn't have much experience with shooting head lines, but after a cast or two he was flinging 80 feet like it was nothing. We fished for maybe an hour near a point where the current was like a strong river, and Ira not having a stripping basket was having trouble wading out and casting at all, so we decided to move down the beach a bit to some calmer water and see if we could get on the inside of the super fast current. We moved down a hundred yards or so, and began casting again. A short time later, I hear Ira shout something so I turn to my right and see his rod bent double, followed by a large splash just 15 feet or so off the end of his rod tip, and then the fish is gone. Damn! I was so hoping he could get one so he could see what all the fuss is about!

    A short time later, I heard an excited shout again and I this time when I look to my right I see his rod bent slightly and a small cabezon flopping on the surface. Now let me tell you right here why I enjoy fishing with Ira so much.... He was every bit as excited over that little cabezon as he gets when he hooks a fat rainbow at Pass. The guy just flat loves to catch fish, and it is completely infectious. I dare anyone to fish with that dude and not have a good time. Anyway, I think he landed another cabezon or two and was rubbing his great success in my face when I got a light take near the end of my line swinging down and across in the current, maybe 20 or so feet out. I strip set and there was that glorious head shake... fish on! The fish shook for a few seconds, splashed, then took off on a nice run that peeled off some line. I worked him back and played tug of war for a couple minutes before he took one more nice good run, getting almost to the backing, before turning and I slid it up on the beach. Silver!

    As I was fighting that fish a good size king rolled about a hundred feet out from where Ira was walking over to watch/help. He looked up at me and I told him don't worry about me, get your line in the water! After I took care of the fish and marked my card, I jumped out and started fishing again. A while later after no action I decided to take a short break and clean my fish. As I was squatting/kneeling down in the water to clean it I heard a tearing noise, look down and see my waders have completely blown out. I mean from my waste down to my left knee was completely open. Yikes! I finished cleaning the fish, then waded back out a bit and started fishing. It was obvious I wasn't going to be able to wade deep, so I gave Ira my stripping basket at this point. He would be much better able to make use of it with functional waders. A short time later I hear an excited shout again, and when I look to my right I see his rod doubled over and line taking off. Fish on again! The fish does the silver head shake for a second or two, then makes a short run followed by several thrashing jumps! This fish is doing everything out of the Coho textbook, really showing off as his first silver! It then, of course, runs straight at the beach where Ira expertly backed up and stripped to stay tight on the fish. It made one more surge, then turned and ran full speed directly at the beach where Ira just guided it right on up. Yeah, I'm beginning to think he's full of shit about not having done this type of fishing before!

    At this point we are both super excited. There are gear fishers on both sides of us, and I'm sure we were quite the sight for as excited as we were. I was so stoked that he was able to land a beautiful silver his first time out! I was easily more excited for his fish than I was my own. After things calmed down, we continued to fish but there was no more silvery action to be had. It wasn't long before my left side was completely full of water and miserably cold, and Ira had a camp full of family to get back to so we called it a day. I headed out and went straight to Bainbridge where I walked in with a pair of dripping, sandy, torn waders and walked out in less than five minutes with a brand new pair in the box. They even were apologetic to ME for the inconvenience. Are you kidding me? I absolutely abuse my gear. Sage/Redington will ALWAYS have my business because of this fact.

    I have to say that this was one of my more enjoyable days on the beach. I have had a lot going on lately and haven't been around to post reports but I have been fishing a TON. I have also had a lot going on in my personal life, so a day like this was much appreciated. I was so thrilled that Ira was able to land a fish his first time out. It didn't take long at all after landing it for him to be talking about doing more of this type of fishing. I don't think anything could ever replace his love of the strike indicator and stillwaters, but I was glad to be able to show him why I enjoy this type of fishing so much too.

    Here's a pic of my fish. Perhaps Ira will add his.

    2013-08-06_07-05-31_733.jpg 2013-08-06_09-01-50_138.jpg
  2. Great report!
  3. Great report. Nice! Glad that you got Ira up here. Now, if he learns the Miyawaki Popper, he'll be hooked on the dry fly / topwater action!!! And that's not going to the darkside Ira! :D
  4. Enjoyed the read. Thanks for a great post

  5. Great post Nick. From your description I'm thinking we were all at the same beach, but I didn't see you guys, so perhaps not. Glad you go Ira into fish.
  6. Great write up Nick. Awesome day and glad to read you have been getting out dispute being quiet on the forum haha

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  7. Great report, great title of thread....
  8. Nick,

    Thanks for the read. I don't often get all the way through long trip reports before I get distracted by something else, but this was a lot of fun to read. Irafly sounds like a fun guy to fish with--I love people who get excited like that.

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  9. I try my best to never approach any fishery with expectations, even when I've fished it a 1000 times in this case though, I was certainly hopeful. Anadromous fish and I have a checkered past and on too many occasions I've heard how great the fishing for salmon is only to be completely disappointed. I turned a corner about 11 years ago with steelhead but salmon still scared me a bit. When Nick opened up the beach possibility this time though my fishy senses just screamed go for it. I'm glad they did. I'd say my biggest complaint though had to be the two annoying silvers that took while I kept trying to catch cabezon! IMG_0045.jpg


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  10. Nice silvers and sculpins fellas! Enjoyed the report!
  11. Very very nice, Nick!
    Using the old Tuti-Fruiti, I see.

  12. I'm thinking popper dropper, that way I can use the popper as an indicator. I think a nice pause with a shrimp pattern dropper will drive those cabezon wild.
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  13. We did see one other fly guy down the beach but we never met up.
  14. Them are sculpin. Don't think you'd find cabezon there.
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  15. Just an early AM fuzzy question...I've read a few posts here and there about popper/droppers in the salt, but that's two hooks, right? Is that legal? I would hope so, and I see people on piers do it all the time with bait and so on , but ain't the rule one barbless hook in marine waters? Even buzz-bombs, typically sold with trebles, don't you have to snip off two and debarb the other?

    One hook is plenty for me, I ain't complaining and neither is my pinky finger after it was impaled by the dropper last time while stripping seaweed so less is more for me, or less is less pain, anyway.

    Can you clear me up on the rule, or do I worry too much?
  16. You can legally use two single barbless hooks.
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  17. You can run two single barbless hooks so long as they're not part of the same hook shank. It's very common to snell two single barbless hooks to a hoochie while trolling. The issue is with trebles and all those types of things. The buzz bombers that are concerned with the regs will change their treble out for a single barbless hook.
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  18. Evan, there are over 30 species of "Sculpin" in Washington State waters Cabezon being one of them. As the juvenile Cabezon will use shoreline and eel grass as an estuary area I took the liberty of calling them Cabezon because they matched the color and configuration. Please if I am wrong identify the exact species of "Sculpin" they are.

    Regardless, I loved catching them and I'm a tad disappointed that you didn't like my post or say something positive about my experience. I'm truly hurt by your behavior.
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  19. Could be an Atlantic Salmon.
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  20. My apologies. I quite enjoyed the post. Just never heard anyone refer to these as cabezon. No offense was meant.

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