Very Brief Lone Lake Report

Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by ceviche, Sep 1, 2007.

  1. I know I posted the info elsewheres, but I figure what I discovered is worth repeating.

    I fished Lone Lake from the shore, late Wednesday afternoon--after giving up on Bush Point and the heinous crowd there. There were two power boats there towing wake boards, as well as one sailboat moping about. Other than that, nobody fishing. The water near shore was rather thick with the green algae spew. Visibility was probably around a foot. Like, why would anyone want to go water skiing and such with all that green spooge in the water and signs warning about algae neurotoxins? I'm very :confused:

    While the boat launch was pre-occupied, I found a slot between two trees, by some picnic tables, to launch my casts. First fish was a tiny bass. Apparently, the shallows had to have been infested with them. A couple of casts later, I felt a strong tug. Less than minute later, I was releasing a plump and feisty rainbow of about 15". Surprising to score a 'bow in water that shallow, that close to shore, and during a day that warm. My guess was that the trout might have been nailing the little thumb-sized bass. I could see one of those little rascals fitting down the gullet of a good-sized trout.

    I was working an olive Six-Pack behind an Intermediate sink line. For the rest of the hour or two spent there, the fly proved very popular with the tiny bass.
  2. Went over today for a couple hours. No one skiing, a few fishermen. The blue/green algae was in full bloom. One of our club member is a doctor and he recommended not getting the water in your system if at all possible. No bitting off flys, etc. The biggest danger I've heard is to pets. Some local's dogs have died after drinking the water. Doesn't seem to effect the fishing any.
  3. Another thing I forgot to mention was the lack of signage stating the lake's selective gear rules. On top of that, I also noticed a good number of fish guts littering the shoreline by the boat launch. Without clear and overt posting of the lake's rules, a lot of people will tend to assume towards their own benefit.

    Yeah, even that much I can't help but doubt. With the existing signage (smallish print and nothing colored to make the issue jump out at people, unlike: "Effin' Peligro, Dude!!!" in blood-red and surrounded by the biohazard emblem...) on the toxic algae, that still didn't deter the water skiers. I just makes you wonder about that segment of the population that tends to boldy go where angels fear to tread. Too many dollars and not enough sense? I just don't know. Fugue...

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