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  1. Nice. I did a bit of diving in my younger days. These photos bring back a lot of memories of diving in the San Juans. Great work. Wonder how he found all the clear water to shoot in. He must live in the water and be half fish. Also would like to know more about the equipment he uses and I bet it would be intresting to get more background on some of his work. Wonder if the book has any of that info.
  2. Excellent work! That guy has talent! It is a giant commitment of time, energy and money to get good underwater shots. BC has gorgeous water with up to 100 ft of vis at times. Looks like Browning Pass is onow on the bucket list.
  3. Out-freaking-standing work. Heading to Amazon now to buy a copy if they have it.
    I collect photography books; this one looks like it rocks.
  4. That Wolf Eel is nasty looking
  5. Follow up: received the book (gotta love Amazon....) and love it. Thanks for the post. Now I'm shopping for a underwater camera...... just sayin'.
  6. The series reminded me of drifting shallow in a kayak along the coast line near Juneau as kids.
  7. Nice! Thanks for sharing.

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