Very expensive mistake

Discussion in 'Rod Building' started by sinjin, Sep 9, 2010.

  1. The issue was resolved well
  2. I've just posted a similar thread asking for information on the above topic. As the above is not a 'one off' I'm quite concerned given Dave's long history here in the PNW.
  3. Who the hell is Dave?
  4. Dave? Dave's not here man...:rofl:

    Sorry about you getting ripped off. I hope things work out and Dave gets what he deserves.
  5. Yeah Dave, come on man open up I think the cops saw me!
  6. Kerry, it's McNeese. There's another post (or 2) regarding this.
  7. anon
  8. Im happy you got your money back.
  9. Sinjin Tyler really does beautiful work, I would think you'd be happy if you were able to work something out. Good luck what ever you choose.
  10. Glad everything worked out, I always do my dealings with a handshake and send the rod off the same time I am informed that the $$ have been sent (before paypal days) got burnt only once, even talked on the phone to the guy, knew his address, got promises that he woas going to sent the rod back after I told him that the rod would be donated to Project healing Waters. Never got the rod, guy moved, I was pretty upset at first about being taken, but in the end I decided if his character was this bad, how happy could he be by having a rod that he stole and let the whole thing go. Good news is that I had 10 custom rod builders sent me rods after reading my post about being taken a on another forum for our PHW effort - these rods and donated reels go to a wounded vet that is undergoing theraphy and attends our fishing 101 class for 2 hrs every Monday for 6 weeks. Once we get approval from the Doc that the vet can go to stream we take them to waters we know there are fish. I still do my dealings with a handshake - Mike -
  11. I think i will sit back for awhile...i know i still want a TCX spey.
  12. Order one up from Bob Meiser, Gary Anderson (or I think) Kerry Burkheimer.

    Want this thread to go to rest as the fellow has his money back after five and a half months ... but go on EBay and read 'you know whose' glowing description of himself. Custom orders will be delivered in 2-4 weeks if memory serves.

  13. are like kosher salt in an open gaping wound. Why the hell would you make the fleabay comment..that smacks of a potential legal action that you prolly don't wanna deal with. Give it a rest..SHHHEEESSSHHH.
  14. I think you mean 'probably?' But lets address your obvious nativity. As what I posted above is right off of a e-bay site (yes, you can Google same if you wish) on what basis would the suit be presented to a Court? By your comment may we assume, if you made a expensive purchase - for which you were required to 'pay up front' and a stated delivery time which came and past - you feel the 'seller' is under no compunction to keep you advised as to why?

    You may find post 21 of interest:
  15. Fred, we get it. Stop being a jerk.

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