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    Seeking Silver,
    You don't need to spend a hundred bucks for a great vise. I've been using a Danville Model A for over twenty years. You can get three different jaws for it. I've replaced a couple of small parts that are always available.
    Not much snob appeal, but it's a great vise.

  3. Old Man

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    You can get a good vise for about $15.00. I know as my first one cost that much and it has had many flies tied on it. But then you feel that you have to step up to something better. And in your mind you feel that you are tying better. I don't know where I'm going with this so I will shut up now. :beathead:

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    Does anyone know of a local shop that sells the Peak vise?

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    SO I finally got myself a vise that should treat me well for many years!! I picked up a vise of ebayRegal Vise It's a beauty... a little mor then I was looking to spend but it was exatly what I was looking for! So thanks guys for all you helpful knowledge!!!

    Cheers :beer2:

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    Go to their web site and do a search for dealers. That's how my wife did it for Christmas this year..

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    you'll be happy with a regal...I've had mine since around '92