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  1. Hey guys I have some extra funds coming my way here in a couple weeks and want get rolling in fly tying. I am on a tight budget so could any one of you experienced individuals point me in the direction to a place that has good fly tying tools for starters at a nice price. I would even consider used if someone wants to part with any of there things.
  2. used is good because fly tying tools are of high quality and expensive. ebay is good if you know what you are looking for. i love closeouts and white elephant in spokane. mike w
  3. Since you are in everett, Check out pacific fly fishers in Mill Creek. Those guys can get you going with some starter gear, or a whole pile of professional gear. Either way, you are covered. P.S. i picked up a 2nd vice to tie articulated stuff for under 20 bucks there.
  4. Post WTB: Inexpensive Fly Tying Vise and Tools in the classifieds.
    I sold two Dan Vises earlier this year when I got a new vise. They were simple, true rotary and effective. I have seen a dozen or more vises sold in the classifieds. Ask and dudes will find ones in their "travel kits" that have never been used. Good luck.
  5. I have a Dyna-King Kingfisher pedastal vise that I can sell for $90.00 ($135.00 Retail) in case you are interested. It will hold large 3/0 spey hooks with ease and also allow you tie small midge patterns.

    It is identical to the one shown here:

    If you are interested PM me and we could make a face-to-face exchange.

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