video - Flash Bang Intruder

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  1. Fred Telleen at the Big R Fly Shop in Great Falls, MT is behind the vise tying his Flash Bang Intruder. Purple and blue are great colors for Salmon and Steelhead. Pink and Chartreuse can also be good, especially for bright fish. Adding pink and chartreuse accents to the darker materials can often trigger that extra aggressive take.

    • Senyo's Articulated Shank 1"
    • 20# Maxima
    • Spirit River Real Eyes Plus - 3/8" Gold/Chartreuse
    • Daiichi 2557 Intruder Hook - Size 2
    • Senyo's Laser Dub - Chartreuse/Purple
    • UV Polar Chenille - Pink
    • Krinkle Mirror Flash - Pearlescent
    • Purple & Blue Flashabou
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