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  1. [​IMG]

    McVay Gotcha
    Hook: Tiemco 811S #4
    Thread: UTC 140 waxed nylon, fluorescent pink
    Eyes: Bead chain, silver
    Tail: Mylar tubing, pearl - teased out strands
    Body: Diamond braid, pearl
    Wing: Craft fur, tan or blond
    Flash: Krystal Flash, root beer (or yellow)

    Video here - please view in HD, if able:

    Hans W
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  2. Hans,

    This looks similar to a Surf Perch pattern used in the past...Thank you for posting
  3. *chuckle* you must not have watched the video :cool:

    Bonefish (and permit)

    Hans W
  4. Exactly, typed first, watched second, tried to edit

  5. NIcely done. I always look forward to your SBS videos.
  6. Yes, thank you Hans

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