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  1. The Simple Nymph is a slender Baetis nymph imitation - its very skinny outline mimics the body shape of the natural very well, and it cuts through the surface film easily.


    Simple Nymph
    Hook: Umpqua U203 #14, or any longshank curved hook
    Thread: Benecchi 12/0, dark brown
    Wingcase: Ell skin (alternative: Thin Skin)
    Eyes: Melted mono, #15
    Tail: Golden Pheasant or Lady Amherst tippet, dyed chestnut - two barbs, tied short and somewhat splayed
    Abdomen: Tying thread - coated with thin clear varnish
    Thorax: Pine squirrel

    Video here - please view in HD, if able:

    Hans W
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  2. Beautiful, with a gritty elegance!
  3. "Gritty elegance". I like that. Consider it copied/stolen.
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