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  1. [​IMG]

    Woolly Bugger
    Hook: Partridge Stronghold Long Shank #10
    Thread: Benecchi 12/0, black
    Hackle: Cock saddle hackle, badger
    Rib: Wire, silver
    Tail: Fluey barbs, dyed scarlet
    Body: Cactus chenille, brown

    Video here - please view in HD, if able:

    Hans W
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  2. I was expecting a size 22 Bugger.:) Nicely done, sir. I like your technique. I'll try some.
  3. Steve,

    Bit like this?


    Preemie Beadhead Bugger (#28)

    In perspective:


    Hans W
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  4. Sweet - what size bead??
  5. Small :cool:

    More serious now - I am not actually sure. They were a present from a friend when we were fishing on the Norfork and White in Arkansas - home, in part, of very small flies...

    Looking at the bead on the ruler, looks like 3/128"-ish

    Hans W
  6. That IS small
    Thanks for your contributions
  7. Oh for cry'n out loud. Only Hans would come up with an invisible size WB :)

    BTW: You will notice Hans wears THE CORRECT fishing hat. :p

  8. [​IMG]
    I just "got" it! :) hehehe
  9. It took you long enough ... :D

    I was going through an "Arthurian" period for awhile. This is my favorite and the only cartoon I have hanging in my house.

    Geez Lady.jpg
  10. It is not called Preemie for nought...

    But of course. I do that specifically to make the (in)famous cartoonist's day... :cool:

    Hans W
  11. Thanks for the encouragement, Hans. I doubt I'll ever get down that small. That's a nice tie, as usual.

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