1. I've uploaded a video a couple times, but when it's done the process photos in directory thing doesn't come up. I know I've had to do that before, just can't remember how the hell I did it so it will show up in the gallery.
  2. What is the file type / file extension, and the file size?
  3. Its an mpeg, a little over 12 MB called casting upload. Uploaded and then I thought the process and post page would come up. Maybe clearwire is too slow going out and it never gets there complete, but I've waited until my net work connection shows it transfered 12 plus MB. Is it in my upload directory?
  4. Hey Scoones, gotta beat feet for work. Check back later.
  5. I've had the same issue in the past using movie maker as well. If you compress the video it will upload it. I forgot which setting but play around with them and it will work.

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