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  1. I am having a problem trying to watch the video's in the Gallery. I can see some of them but the ones that have the bigger volumes, can't think of the right word here as I'm computer challenged. I have all the components on my hard drive to view them but for some reason I don't get anything when I click on them.

    Need some kind of help here.


    And no I have hi-speed internet,not dial up.
  2. Try right clicking, that would be the other button on the top of the mouse besides the one you normally use, then when an option tab appears, click on "save target as". Now you should be able to save it to your desktop and watch it that way. I use macs so i donno if this is the exact way to do it, but it has worked for me in the past that way.

  3. Even with broadband connections Jim, you will need to be patient with some of those videos. Some of them are very large.
  4. Ok

  5. Well I tried it again this morning. Some work and some don't. The one's that do work are the one's that say just the word "Video" and the one's that don't work say "Quick Time Video". I get the thumbnail(video) so's I can view it,but I don't get the thumbnail(quick time video) on the other one's.

    I thought that all were the same(here I go thinking again),but I guess not.

  6. Jim, have you downloaded the quick-time player? if not, then you need to install the player before you can view those videos.

  7. I guess that is what I need. So where does one aquire the info to do just that. I thought that info was on this site but as usual I'm mistaken. Does anybody have the info that I'm be needing to do just that. I thought that I had this but I guess not.

  8. Well I fixed my problem. I down loaded "Quick Time Video" and now everything works. Thank you to all that helped me on this problem. I'm getting smarter in the ways of the Computer. It better watch out cause here I come.


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