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Discussion in 'Fly Tying' started by unrooted, Apr 3, 2014.

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    Tied with a Regal rotary for ....geez too long...25+ years.
    About eight years ago the the tip of the jaw finally fractured too much and broke.
    Company was great, sending me a new vice jaw at wholesale dirt cheap price.
    Suggest, don't let a few $$ scare you. A good quality vice will last years and years and...
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    I have been using a Anvil Apex vise for years, and love it!!! They are a great middle of the road Made in the USA vise. They also come with both a base, and table "C" clamp. I'm not sure what they sell for in the US but up here in BC you would expect to pay about $125. - $150. new. My son uses a Regal and likes that. A good friend uses a Dyna-king which is also a nice unit. I really think it's going to come down to budget, and personal preference after that. All the vises in this thread are good. They are all a far cry better than your current $10 kit vise.

    Good luck ....
  3. Gary Knowels Active Member

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    I bought a Griffin 2a at a garage sale for $20 as my first vise and it has been great. There are times when I wish I had a rotary, but I can't complain about the Griffin at all.
  4. unrooted Member

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    I decided to go for the Apex vise. I like the idea of the Regal, but it's too hard for me to buy one of those for $150 whenI could get a solid rotary for $125 (thanks Lando for the link!).

    It appears as though any vise above $100 is going to last a long, long time, and I like that the Apex is made in the US and looks like it should make it through a nuclear event. . .I tend to get really into something for a few months, then get back into Rock Climbing, right now I'm into fishing, probably cause the river is at the perfect level and temps-which will change in 2 months. Just wish I had a 5 day weekend to fish, bike rock climb and tie flies.
  5. unrooted Member

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    Oops I said that I got the Apex, I meant I got the Atlas-the Rotary vise.
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    Congrats on the addition, hope you enjoy!

    I briefly looked at that model before stumbling across my Barracuda Jr. Appears to be a decent vise for the money, though a bit more roughly machined than I'd have liked. They may have addressed this since then, but keep an eye on the edges of the vise, as they were sharp enough to abrade and fray thread on the model I tried.

    Also, the moving parts were a bit "sticky", though this may have been simply because it was a brand new vise, and use and/or light lubrication (maybe a drop of oil or some dry graphite) may clear that right up if yours shows the same behavior.

    Other than those two fit & finish question marks, it seemed like a great piece of equipment, certainly built like a tank.