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  1. jfmustang

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    Hello everyone,

    I am new to the forum here. I am from Minnesota and fish for primarily bass and muskie, and some steelhead in the north shore of the great lakes. After looking through the forums here I really want to visit Washington and see what catching a sea-run steelhead is like. I also want to visit a restaurant that I am thinking about transfering to in the city of Bellevue. Can anyone tell me if there are any rivers or lakes nearby, I would preffer to use public transportation or bike if possible. I have been bitten hard for a while now and I really want to move back to the west coast. Thank you all in advance for any info you can give me.
  2. Jmills81

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    the steelies here are about done for the year

    Come summer time, they will come again!
  3. ozcast

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    Bellevue is on Lake Washington...great smallmouth fishing. Lots of oppertunities to catch fish around Bellevue. (or within a couple hours anyway)
  4. Gary Thompson

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    Lots and lots of water to fish in around western WA.
    Steel head are about done all over the western US, with some hard work you can still catch and release a few.
    Welcome back, if ya make it.

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