VT2 Sage Blank

Discussion in 'Rod Building' started by dryflylarry, Jan 13, 2011.

  1. dryflylarry "Chasing Riseforms"

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    I still haven't built a rod yet, but how do people like this rod/blank? I don't know anyone that has one. I think I cast one a couple of years ago, but don't really remember how it was. I believe it is a medium fast action. I am considering a 4 wt. 9' for stream fishing or lakes. I'm thinking the "color" doesn't agree with a lot of people. I believe Sage has discontinued this model. Any comments/observations welcome. Thanks pals!
  2. Ed Call Mumbling Moderator

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    The color is not something that everyone will like. Some don't like astetics. I had a 6wt and it was a very nice feeling rod. I found it more than capable of delivering streamers in the salt water where I was using it. I'd like to have cast it in 4wt too.
  3. Tyler Speir Artist

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    It's a great rod and I love the color. I'm just about to go out to my shop and flex coat the one im working on right now.
  4. ak_powder_monkey Proud to Be Alaskan

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    just finished wrapping the guides of a 4 wt vt2 I had a 5 wt that I liked quite a bit, but it was stolen :(