W side lakes on fire now! Go!

Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by Jim Wallace, Oct 23, 2009.

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    Haven't checked this out, so it may not be accurate, but I'd look at some of the reservoirs. This time of the year, they're in drawdown mode, and that exposes a lot of wadeable shallows. You won't be having the pristine, lake-in-the-woods type of fishing, but you will be fishing.
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    BFK you just joggled my memory. Back at the 2004 AEG "Cowlitz Party" we camped at Riffe Lake Campground and were able to cast from the bank due to drawn-down water. I hooked a trout when I tried casting from the bank, and several other people did better than that. I think that was in early Nov.
    The bank there was kind of steep, mostly clay-like, but you could walk down the face of it. I found a rock to stand on near the water's edge.
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    Islander - any news from Lone Lake? I'll be over there all next week and need a go-no-go on lugging my tube & gear over :)

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    It's rainy and windy right now. The report is that Wed. is suppose to be just cloudy. If so, I'll hit it then and let you know. Next week's weather report doesn't look great either, but around here you never know.
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    Thanks! Could have read the other two threads on Lone as well I suppose :) We've got a family cabin on Bells Beach, so Lone is my vacation fishing spot.
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    Groundresonance you can try Rattlesnake Lake in North Bend for some shore fishing close to Seattle. Throw soft hackles and buggers in various colors on a slow sinking line and you should find a few trout.

    For anyone using boats on trailers at Rattlesnake; the shoreline below the launch is blocked by rocks due to the low water. Don't bring it unless you can carry it or feel comfortable dragging it over boulders.
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    Riffe was one I was thinking of--particularly the south side. In the dim, murky past I've done fairly well there, but in spring rather than fall. There is good access and shallow banks below Swofford Pond that would work. I was also thinking of a reservoir here on the OP, but I won't go into that one.
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    not to brag but my buddies and I got the first keg of AK winter sold this year... It was gooood
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    Lemme guess...you killed it! :)
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    Thanks for the input, everyone!