WA Big Game Permits Results Out

Discussion in 'Cast & Blast' started by gripguru, Jul 15, 2008.

  1. No luck for me. I got zip.
  2. Nothing myself.....and I have plenty o' points!!!
  3. nothing for me and i have 12 moose and 12 sheep points. oh well i just keep building up my points. mike w
  4. no love for me either :(
  5. Was drawn again for a muzzle loader cow elk tag

    Still waiting for moose, goat and sheep

  6. Twenty is the magic number! Once I got there last year I was drawn for my A choice elk and muley tags.
  7. I have 8 elk points but will much likely need alot more for the unit Im putting in for, or maybe catch a poacher for a bonus 10. lol

  8. lightning does strike, twice, Margaret bull last year, toutle this year. never had more than 3 points. wtf, lol, last year was from the redraw, this year i'm praying there is not one.
  9. A buddy had lost a big time bull tag last year due to the redraw, he was very disapointed, Imagine the people that lost once in a life time sheep and moose tags.....ouch BTW i knew a guy that got the margaret tag last year lol, he ended up getting a 5pt, never saw any big time bulls.

  10. Just checked the website. At least I'm building preference points!

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