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Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Idaho Dana, Nov 6, 2013.

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    I have two pairs of waders both are Goretex. They have developed leaks around the knees and feet. I know a sealant is sold for waders but as you know, if a product has the word "fly" in it, what ever it is costs more than it should.
    What works well for solving the lead problem.
    Thanks in advance for your advice.
  2. PT Physhicist

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  3. Tacoma Red Active Member

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    UV Wader repair for ~$7 . Good for small punctures.
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  4. Kaiserman content

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    It's probably the same thing, but I use Shoe Goo. I know it may sound weird, but I found the black one to be best. I don't know if there's anything different from the black to the normal color, but the black Shoe Goo outlast the other pair I patched (and boots) with the "original" color.

    Also, having a several black spots all over your 10 year old breathables screams "I'm a Redneck!", or maybe that I'm a cheapskate.
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    I haven't had much luck repairing waders in the modern era. (There was something to say for the old fabric-and-rubber monstrosities.) My main problem is with finding the actual location of the leak. Result: I've just bought my third set of breathable waders in about seven years.

    What I wish for is some repair center, where, for $40 or $50, return postage included, they'd use water or gas inflation, or whatever works best, to find and repair a leak in waders.
  6. Evan Virnoche Guest

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    what brand and do they offer warranty or a repair center?

    My simms had pinholes after 8 months, they were covered under warranty and repaired free of charge
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    When my waders leak, I'll try to fix the leak once with AquaSeal. I locate the leak by hanging up the waders on a hook at my deck and use a garden hose to slowly fill the waders with water.

    The leak (s) will show up. I circle the area with a pen, empty the waders and let them dry, then apply the AquaSeal at the marked area and let it dry. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. I never bother trying to fix the leak again because if I can't fix it on the first attempt, experience has taught me that I'm never going to fix it.

    When the attempt fails, I buy another pair of inexpensive waders such as Bailey's or Cabela's. I don't buy expensive waders because I'm hard on my equipment and I've never found a pair of waders, no matter the price, that doesn't eventually leak.
  8. Jason Rolfe Wanderer

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    Fill with water to locate leak--it'll show up. There's a lot of pressure on waders filled with water.

    Use shoe-goo and patch liberally.
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    hmmm....Well I have simms goretex waders. They actually have some youtube video's on there website showing how to find and repair leaks. Basically turn waders inside out, spray with alcohol(not the drinking kind). Holes/leaks show up black..mark and coat with aquaseal. Let it setup, then go fish....

    You can fill waders with water to find leaks in neoprene booties. Simms says to NOT fill waders with water above booties...The seams are not designed to hold that much weight, you run risk to further damage your waders by filling with water....too much pressure...
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  10. Kaiserman content

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    Cool, never heard of that trick. Thanks for sharing!

    I just filled mine up with the hair dryer, then held them underwater in the bathtub.
  11. silvercreek Active Member

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    I spray the OUTSIDE of the wader with rubbing alcohol. Turn the waders inside out and and inspect the inside of the waders for the dark spot that is the pinpoint lead. Circle that with a felt tip pen.

    Put the Aquaseal on the INSIDE of the waders and the outside continues to looks brand new.
  12. Greg Holt Active Member

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    I've used the exhaust from the shop vac piped into each leg of the waders (held tight over the nozzle with hand pressure), and diluted windex to locate the leak.

    I have a friend who is so gassy, he claims to be able locate wader leaks with a bic lighter...
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