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  1. So, I am in the market for a pair of breathable waders. I am 6'1" and weigh 195lbs, which puts me in size large wader. However, I wear a size 13/14 boot. I am having trouble finding something that fits both my body and feet. The only wader I found so far, that has a 13 shoe size is a 2xl, which would be huge. Any suggestions?

  2. Redington Sonic Pro and Sonic Pro Zip have large feet in their waders and Simms G3's and G4's come in a large bigfoot. Redington will have more stretch and I wear them. I have also worn Simms big foots and they have little stretch and I have to be careful not to use too thick of a sock, but for 65.00 extra they will put in a larger foot. I wear a 14 boot with waders and a 13 wet wading. Jesse Fowl has a 15 foot and wears Redingtons.

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  3. Sucks to be tall skinny and have big feet doesn't it?! I'm using a pair of Orvis waders in a large tall with a bootie size of 12 and it works with my size 13 foot. Can't wear very thick socks though.

    I think I'll go Simms next time and get a custom foot put on...
  4. I am in the same boat (tall, thin and big footed). I have contacted all of the major wader manufacturers and only Simms and Patagonia will put a larger bootie for you. Patagonia only charges $45 for the procedure and they will do it if you already own a pair of their waders and send them in. In fact the person I emailed advised me to buy a pair to make sure they fit everywhere else but the feet and then send them in for the custom booties because they will not allow returns once the customization has occured. I am planning on trying on several makes and models and hoping that I can find an off the shelf that will fit me without customization. If I find one I will post it.

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  5. I guess I luck out... I buy the cheapo hodgemans or sportsmans warehouse specials, and I never have any problems. I do get the larger size. I make do with swiming in them in the summer time, but I can pack the clothes on in the winter time and they fit great! Some of the smaller ones I can only get one pair of wool socks on, but I survive with that.
    I run about a sz 13 shoe.
  6. redington works great for my size 14 boat
  7. Several models of Simms waders allow you to choose the size of the stocking foot. Check your local pro store. They need to know inseam length, girth and the shoe size you use. It can feel like custom sizing without the upcharge.
  8. Simms has the largest selection of sizes in men’s waders and with their custom program, are able to fit almost anyone. There is a stock size of both the Large and Large Long wader, which come with a 12/13 foot and can be purchased without ordering a ‘custom wader’. (see the chart on their website, the large is available with either a 9-11 or 12-13):


    If however, you would like an even larger foot, Simms is able to put anything from a 5-6 on up to a 16-17 on any of their Made in USA waders (Headwaters on up). This will take a few weeks and cost an additional $65, but I probably don’t have to explain to you that it may be worth it if the alternative is nothing.
    I recommend you contact your local (Bellingham) Simms dealer and see if you can get sized correctly:


    Otherwise, let me know if you have any questions.
  9. Thanks to all of you. I will follow up on your suggestions.

  10. Hey Jmills81, what size waders do you have that they fit your 14. According to the sizing charts on Redington's website you would need to have a XXL to get the 12-13 stocking foot. Do they maybe just run larger? I guess I just need to go shopping and try on a bunch of different makes and models.


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