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    I am looking to get a new set of waders and am looking to spend no more that about $300 can I get some ideas. Oh also I am a bigger guy 6ft 235lb. size10 foot. just a little info. Oh and web links would really help to that way I can look at them. Thanks
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    Silver Sonics. $259
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    There is a really good and up-to-date wader review/buying guide at:


    From people that obviously wear waders a lot.

    Not surprisingly (to me), the Simms G3 stocking foot came out on top. More than your $300 range, but I've had mine for 4 years and they just developed leaks at the boot/pant seam. 30 minutes worth of repair with wader goop and I'm sure they will be good for another 4+ years. Waders are a real investment. I'm happy to have eight fly rods, but I'd certainly receive no joy in ever needing to buying eight pairs of waders.

    I'd really recommend trying them on at a local fly shop - fit is important. My Simms fit great, but others that I tried on felt like I was wearing garbage bags. And if you try them on at a fly shop and they offer great advice and friendly service, just buy them there on the spot. It'll be easier to get them repaired under warranty if you have a leaky lemon, and many shops will throw in some free flies or other perks to match whatever discount you might get online in free shipping or no sales tax.
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    I will keep that in mind. Thanks for the advise