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  1. Need a jacket for fishing and shit when I saw what Simms is asking for there jackets. Is there really a big difference between a wading jacket and rain jacket. I just want something that will keep me dry. I'll use my layers to keep me warm. Guys got any suggestions for something well under 200 and closer to 100?
  2. Well, AFAIK the only difference between a typical "rain jacket" and a "wading jacket" is the length of the thing (and perhaps some more fly-fishing specific pockets and D-rings).

    I just got a Frogg Toggs ToadTek wading jacket as a birthday gift about a month ago. I think you can find these for about $60 or so. As you said, you can sure spend a lot more on a wading jacket!

    It's a lot shorter than the old Marmot rain shell I'd been using but the material in the Frogg Toggs jacket is much more stiff than the Marmot Membrain material. I've read that it gets a bit more pliable with use.

    The new jacket still packs up reasonably small in the OR compression stuff-sack I bought and with the stuff-sack still weighs about 22 oz. according to my postal scale. Many of the other wading jackets I'd looked at are much heavier (and consequently more durable and feature-laden I would think).

    It works for me. I just wanted a reasonably light jacket that would shed rain well. I've only used the new jacket once so can't attest to its durability but so far, so good.
  3. I'd like to post that since I got my Simm's wading jacket my catch rate has gone way up. However, that isn't true. I used to catch more steelhead while wearing non-breathable Helly Hanson heavy duty rain slicker and even a cheap coated nylon rain slicker that folded up into my fishing vest (we all wore fishing vests in those days).

    The only reason Simms and other tackle companies sell wading jackets instead of coats is because the extra length of a coat is irrelevant when you're wearing chest high waders.

    Before Yuppies came along and took up fly fishing, there wasn't all that much fly fishing specific clothing and accessory gear. Fishermen just used regular that over-lapped hiking, hunting, camping, and other general outdoor gear.

    Look at Sierra Trading Post closeouts. They always have parkas and rain gear on sale. I got a nice super-lightweight non-breathable rain jacket years ago for $20 there. Still have it; it's a great backup because it's so light and low bulk.

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  4. I fished for years without a dedicated wading jacket and seemed to survive.

    That being said, it is nice to be able to submerge your hand and not have water wick up your sleeve.
  5. I too fished more many, many years in whatever rain gear I had lying around. That said, I wouldn't give up my G3 jacket for nearly anything.
  6. Find a used coat you like on ebay or classifieds. Wash it, Nixwax the coat for $25.( Do it right with the wash and treatment). It will be like new again at 75% savings.
  7. I have 2 Patagonia fly fishing-specific jackets. While I love the bomber fabric, huge fly box pockets and the other fly fishing specific features, 95% of the time I take my Marmot Precip. It is much lighter, more flexible and more packable and I don't find it overly long. If you already have a hiking rain coat, it should work for you. If you don't, like Sg said, look for a lightweight, waterproof breathable shorter rain coat on STP. It should work fine and someday if you splurge on a fishing jacket, it will make a great back-up. If you go on a multi-day camping fishing trip in the rain, you'll appreciate a dry jacket in camp.
  8. Yes, just keep looking and you will find a close out jacket. Sierra or even cabelas. My Patagonia was $100 on rei-outlet.com and I got a cabelas brand wading jacket that was about 100$ after the discounts.

    Also, watch for Columbia wading jackets. I sometimes see them price reduced

    Don't be in a rush and it will come.
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  9. I found a great Simms Wading Jacket on ebay brand new for $140. I love it because of the pockets and the built in retractors. Before that i always just used my patagonia shell and it was great also, just the wading jacket made it nice bc you can fit a ton of gear in it and not worry bout wearing a vest or chest pack also.
  10. I couldn't say it any better. Also, if you are near a Columbia Sportswear outlet store, sometimes you can pick up a short rain jacket for a song from the outlet store.

    Other than the larger pockets that work well for fly boxes, there is no huge benefit to an expensive wading jacket when you're basically paying for the logo patch.
  11. If you fish saltwater and occasionally wade to your waist, your jacket will get WET! Kind of a pain in the butt. (And, they get stinky if you don't rinse them well!). I don't have a short wading jacket yet. I used to have an inexpensive Hodgeman that I gave away, but it would buckle up to a short length which was handier than I thought. I have another jacket that is regular length and I don't like it because of deep wading. I may have to find another for Xmas shopping this year.
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  12. Fish nude. Won't matter.
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  13. Yes it will. You're forgetting about shrinkage.:D
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  14. I recently got a Redington Stratus III jacket for $100. I can't carry as much stuff as with my Orvis pack, but pretty close. The ring for a net and big hood and nice fit over my waders make for a comfortable time.
  15. This may be getting slightly off topic, but..
    I personally don't like the jackets with all the puffy pockets out front. I've had many of these, but using a spey rod I find these pockets interfering at times. Am looking for something with no pockets in the front, something that fits tight on the front side and am leaning toward some conventional quality rain jacket. If anyone has any recommendations I'd appreciate their input. I carry my stuff in a sling pack that has a waistband, so don't need the storage space pockets provide.
  16. how many days are you going to be fishing in the winter/spring? if it is more than a few, i would recommend bucking up and buying a good quality gore-tex rain jacket. you can get by on less, but comfort equals more time fishing... which equals more fish hooked.

    i know they're expensive, but they last a long time. my simms guide jacket is over 4 years old and is in perfect shape. i have an even older lightweight simms gore-tex that has lasted forever. i have quality arcteryx ski pants and jacket that i bought back in 2002 (from olympic mountaineering... where waters west is now) that are just as good now after hundreds of days of wear, including working in them.

    good quality gear is expensive, but it lasts far longer and costs less in the long run imo.

  17. I tend to agree with this philosophy.

    The Marmot jacket I mentioned in my prior post I've had for 15 years (got it on discount at Sierra Trading Post) and although I've had to renew the DWR treatment a few times, it's still nearly as good as new. I just got tired of having the bottom dragging in the saltwater hence the new shorter jacket.
  18. Found a good deal on a gore-tex wading jacket for cheap. We will see how it goes.
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  19. Patagonia River Salt jacket. It had front pockets but they are inside and not bellow pockets. Very flat in front if you don't fill the pockets.

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