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  1. I'm beginning to believe sunshine, for more than 10 minutes a day, is illegal in these parts. Looking forward to summer in a desperate way.
  2. Once you've got fishing on the Yak dialed in on a drift boat, you will never go back to just wading it. Not needed for Snoqualmie forks. I live about 15 minutes from you. Let me know if you want to go out sometime. Welcome to the area and to the forum. PM me if you want to get out in the next few weeks.

    As for time of year, on the MF, I have caught the biggest CTs I have seen--a couple of 15inchers--in the winter there on streamers. You can fish it all year but you have to watch the flows and change tactics.
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  3. You do know that summer does not arrive over there until July and leaves in September?

    I only lived west of the Cascades for 8 months and it was the worst eight months of my life. My wife has even a more severe reaction to cloudy skies!!! We managed to survive in Wenatchee by leaving for southern climes between Thanksgiving and President's day. While I was working I switched all our vacation times to winter and flew to Hawaii or Mexico for at least three weeks. Now we just head to Arizona with the 5th wheel. We did spend this winter in Wenatchee and thankfully we only had one extended stay of gray weather.

    Living west of the Cascades is difficult for many people. Lewis and Clark even had an issue with it!!! Anyway, don't let it get you down....BUT....plan for dealing with it. Living in the gray and not enjoying LIFE it is a horrible way to live.

    I think....you can survive living in western Washington. However, you need to be really proactive in housing, vacations, exercise, and deal with the gray.

    While I was working I really lived in fear that I would be transferred over the hill. So I spent a lot of time thinking about how I could survive over there. I thought it might be possible, but thankfully I never had to put my plan into action.
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  4. you make it sound way worse than it is. rain jacket plus determination will get you through the grey skies and rain. try AK Nov-Jan.
  5. I came here from Austin, TX. I look forward to the milder summers, and the lack of drought, but I'm used to 250-300 days of sunshine a year. This is going to be a bit of a challenge. I'll say this however, this is some of the prettiest country I've ever had the pleasure to see. Guess I'll have to buy a "sun lamp", and spend a couple hours a day, under it.

  6. No...it is all mental. Every once in awhile we get a west-side day in Wenatchee. We get out of bed around 10:00am!!!

    Some people can live with gray skies.....I can't.

    Alaska was off my list for that reason!!! However, I did have a lot of friends that lived in Alaska and most hated it. I got a lot of good advice on how to cope.

    But there are things you can do to make it better. That was the mistake I made while living west of the Cascades. I just kept waiting for the weather to change and it never did. I should have changed!!
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  7. well put, i grew up in cashmere and it was easy. rain when ya wanted it and sun rest of the time. wind has been lame lately though
  8. Hi Les,

    Welcome to the area, welcome to the forum.

    You are fortunate to live in N Bend. I love the South Fork Snoquamlie. I fished it 14 times in July and August of last year. Hotter the better. Summer sunsets when the high is at least 80 degrees seems to bring out surface feeding. I have never dunked a wet fly or streamer here. Sometimes this lasts thru the middle of September. Wading in May - June can be life threatening due to swift water. Middle of July generally brings levels down so you can wet wade miles of river. Cutties, Rainbows and Brook trout are in abundance on small elk hair caddis or similar flies. Very aggressive, but smallish. The upper reaches hold a majority of fish are in the 4-6 inch range. I use a 2 wt and have never felt outgunned, even by the "monster" 9 inchers I hook on occasion.

    Yak river has beautiful, hard fighting native trout. You need a drift boat to fish it in the summer months, but the river goes down in the fall and can be wade fished after labor day weekend. Some of my favorite times to fish it is Middle Sept through October. You will need waders, but not a drift boat. I used to fish the Yak a lot in the summer, but my love of small aggrisive trout and wet wadinghe South Fork Snoqualmie has eclipsed my love of fishing in 90 degree heat in an aluminum drift boat. I prefer the more tranquil fall flows on "The Yak" and use my boat to access areas to wade fish. 5 or 6 weight rod will do you good on this river. Large trout, high wind and large flies are par for the course.

    Rattlesnake lake is a good local option in April/May when the river is running too high and you do not feel like the drive to the yak or stillwaters on the dry side of the state. You need a small boat or tube to fish this effectively. 5wt rod is perfect for this lake.

    Again, welcome. I think you picked a great town for fly fishing small trout in your back yard.
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  9. south and middle fork snoqualmie, there are respectable fish in both of them
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  11. My favorite fishing in Michigan was late spring, and fall. The rivers up there are not as large, and probably don't have the flow rate of these rivers. Subsequently, they heat up quickly in the summer. Early morning, or late evening/night, is the only time to take fish in the summers there. The have a massive hex hatch in mid summer. Everyone hits the river after dark, and waits for the spinner fall. It's like massive snowflakes hitting the water. The brown's go crazy, and 24" or bigger fish, are not uncommon - if you know where to go. But I get just as geeked when little brookies are attacking every fly in sight. In truth, it's the fact I'm on the water, and not doing chores, that makes even a day skunked, worth it.
  12. You did change. It's called be becoming a "snowbird". Say hi to my Grandpa for me while you're in Yuma;)

    Aside: why the hell would anyone on God's green earth go to Yuma? I've been there. It's shit. Dust, desert, and crappy flea markets. Decent golf courses I guess, but no better than anywhere else. If I go "south for the winter" it sure as hell isn't going be to play cards or golf. I'll be somewhere like Havasu, Powell, or Mead.
  13. Les, if you check climate and precip on the web, you'll see that the monthly rainfall moves in inverse ratio to the median temperatures. Around August, we may never see a raindrop. Weather in Wetter Washington isn't perfect, but it's easy to live with. Watch weather news on tv, where the eastern U.S. is imitating North Dakota, or curling up at the edges during the hot months. Our rain is soft, with lightning rare even in the summer, and its gentle patter just lets me sleep better.
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  14. I think winter is more depressing here. Almost as cloudy and way colder. When I lived in Seattle I found the rain kind of comforting.

    Nobody mentions the North Fork because access is hard. That river has almost mythical status.

    There are also some creeks with beaver ponds northeast of Snoqualme you should check out. Bring at least bear spray and don't leave valuables in your car.

    Speaking of car prowl, the Cedar isn't far from you if you take SR18. That river has loads of character.

    Good luck deciphering the regs.
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  15. That river has a lot of character and a lot of CHARACTERS! Bear spray is probably not a bad idea!
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  16. censored
  17. I lived and fished over on the wet side for many, many years. 62 years. I only got smart after I retired. I now live and fish in Montana.
    I fished the N/F a few times. The fish are smaller than what's in the S/F. If you get a pass to get on the tree farm the fish in the N/F are a lot bigger.

    The regs aren't to hard to figure out, you just need a lawyers help. And yes don't leave nothing of value in your car in plain site. There are many thieves the prowl the parking areas for shit to steal. I know as I had a lot of gear stolen from my car on Pilchuck Creek.
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  18. Les, welcome. I too am from MI. I live over the hills east of you in Cle Elum. I guided in MI in my younger day and moved here for work. If you get the hankering to fish the Yakima, get in touch and I'll meet up with you and show you around.
  19. I've been looking at the regs. A little confusing, to say the least.
  20. There were black bear in MI. Saw one once while in the river. It just watched me for a moment, and then rambled off. Interesting experience.....

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