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Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Joz, Mar 19, 2014.

  1. Joz

    Joz Member

    Has any one been to walker lake,(diamond belle ranch) if so whats the best month to go? Or is there some place better?? Fly fishing for Rainbows. Thanks Joz
  2. dbk

    dbk Active Member

    I have fished Walker lake numerous times and its been terrific.... the caretakers there do a great job in maintaining the fishery and the lodge is a great place to stay... the fishing I believe begins in mid April or so up there, but I have fished it primarily in the fall months or early June... there can be some epic chironomid hatches there which the fish will go nuts for... May- June best months for hitting that hatch, but you can fish it longer into the summer because of its elevation.. September can be great as well.
  3. tyeoneon

    tyeoneon Active Member

    I'm booked in there in mid June! It's our first trip in there and I think we're hitting it at a pretty good time this year! Good luck trying to get in this year! June 18-20 was the only date open when we called a month ago! Cost is reasonable for a pay to play lake!

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