wanna teach a lil spey?

Discussion in 'Spey Clave' started by the_trout_bum, Jun 12, 2008.

  1. so im picking up my echo 13'6" classic spey rod from ellensburg on saturday, and having only cast a spey rod a few times, i'm lookin for someone who might want to head out to the skykomish and get me going on fine tuning my casting. summer steelies are just starting off their run and the stretch i fish accross from the monroe prison would be perfect for a lesson. ive had a little action there already this summer (15lb metalhead!) i live in kirkland, so if your local i'd be happy to drive. id even spring for a sandwich lunch and a few cold beers in trade for the knowledge.

    also, if you have an opinion on what line i should match to the rod i'd be really appreciated. its an 8/9 wt. so was was gonna throw on a 8/9/10 wt rio windcutter, but im open to suggestions.
  2. I think they have spey casting on the Sky every so often, check with All About The Fly, sponsor here...going off memory it's on Sundays..??
  3. Sundays. 9am. Ben Howard boat ramp. Mike Kenney is dispensing advice.
  4. oh really is it like a free class kinda thing? or a class you have to register for and all that..
  5. oh very cool ill have to show up, thanks a lot!
  6. Not the what, but the 'where.' Ahhhh, back in the day.


    Haven't lived in Washington State since May of 1984, but the water you mentioned is where I spent a considerable amount of my time 'flogging the water.' One of the most unusual bits was to drive down behind the prison and fish off the end of a rock flood retaining wall. Pitch black, charge up a glow in the dark corkie with a portable flash and chuck same into the black.

    Hooked many a fish off the end of that rock wall and every one of them was before daylight; can't recall ever hooking a fish after sun up. :hmmm:
  7. ha this big boy was taken about 4 in the afternoon! and exact opposite for me, never hooked a steely before sunup, only after the sun peeks. but everyone has there ways..
  8. Saturday mornings River Run Anglers in Carnation does a similar spey casting demonstration/lessons/equipment trial thing on the Snoqualmie River, at the confluence of the Tolt. It is also free, with no registration required, and also worth a lot more than what it costs :)

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