Want a pontoon and need advice.

Discussion in 'Watercraft' started by Wally Bear, Apr 25, 2011.

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    Mumbles, I was wondering why you gave up the panther? I had a pontoon boat about 10 years ago. I sat about 12" above the water & found that by the end of a day of finning I had really sore knees. I couldn't go very fast with the fins, due to the drag. I found the footpegs to be a hassle with my flyline. However, I loved being able to really move across a lake with the oars and I liked not getting cold feet during the early spring or late fall. I was thinking about getting another one (I've been using a fat cat tube ever since getting rid of the toon). Did the Panther keep you knees closer to the water? Does it row quick? I don't really care about the length; I was thinking a harder rocker or shorter toon would have less drag anyways. Maybe a Bucks Bag Alpine? Do you know why Outcast quit making the Panther and Cougar?

    I saw the NFO Outlaw Renagade the other day at Cabelas. It looked like a cross between my Fat Cat and a toon. Do you have any experience with this? Would it keep my knees close to the water, go faster than finning with the Fat Cat, and have less drag? Any ideas?
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    Looks are deceiving. They are
    not really a V shape like the SFC, the FC the ODC, but more a U shape. They are almost 5' wide, so in other words, they are about as WIDE as those other "tube" are long.
    You sit OUT of the water on a Renegade. Which means you can wear Hip waders. The knee pain, I am afraid, could be just a medical thing and will happen with any boat.

    As far as less drag on a smaller boat, I think more of a Diameter of the toon, no the length. Length might effect turning, but not tracking.
    Foot Print on the water. I can only compare to waterskiing. I can get up very easy and quickly with little arm strength on two or one ski, but a wake board (shorter and wider..bigger foot print all together) takes allot more strength.

    With the seat touching the water on a donut or a V tube, you are creating more drag. The Renegade IS like two water skis. Two individual toons. The U part is out of the water as is the floor and seat, like most pontoons.

    My question to Mumbles is I have a few friends that had the Panther as well, and they said they were sitting in the water, is this true?
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    Rodwolfy, I "gave up" on the Panther because the Mrs is not super into my fly fishing and watercraft collection hobbies. I had the Fishcat Panther and did not dislike it at all. I had a chance to get into a Watermaster, and jumped on it because I coveted that craft. Realistically, I had to choose one over the other and I chose the frameless route. I think if I could only have one craft I could be perfectly happy with the Panther, Kodiak, or my current boat the Assault. I do prefer the Assault's rockered design over the flat Kodiak design, but that is just my personal taste I guess.

    Blue, I do not feel that at 225# and a day's float worth of excessive gear that I sat "in" the water. Sure those tubes are smaller in diameter and you sit lower. Lower means a few not so bad things. Less wind sail catching side tube when it blows. Less distance from the back of my thigh to the water so fin kicking is done deeper, which translates to less fin tip disturbing of the surace of the water, which is quiet. Four smaller diameter tubes, two sets per side, also makes for an easily modified flat working survace on each side, wide stable stance and an overall nice craft.

    The three boats I speak of, Fishcat Panther, Watermaster Kodiak and Scadden Assault all are fine crafts that I've enjoyed. Who knows what I'll HAVE TO HAVE next.
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    I think that I'd be asking to go for a few trips with the others in order to try out several different types of craft, & maybe if you ask them really, really nice, that maybe Mumble's, or even possibly Mr. Scoones could help you out in a ride along @ their next jamboree, or even on a day trip, if it was possible. I'm sure that you would not only get one hell of an education, but just might make some excellent friends as well.
    This would offer you some great insight on what you are looking for, price range, knowledge & safety tips from guys that do this for the best of reasons, ... the sport of being out there!

    How about it guys?
    Can/would you help WallyBear out?
    Hoosier friend

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