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Discussion in 'Spey Clave' started by fredaevans, Nov 23, 2007.

  1. I already have a Kelly Kettle for making hot water for tea, cup o' noodles, etc., on the beach ... but this will be 'my new one.' Price is even reasonable given it's made from copper.

  2. I also have a Kelly Kettle, but my new cooker is a Jet Boil. Jet Boil uses a fuel bottle so no more scrounging for twigs, also has a coffee press option. Packs into it's own cup so it takes less room. Of course just my 02.
  3. I have my grandfather's Kelly....it is a family legend that he probably used it as part of a still when he went missing up the Irish mountains!! There is nothing quite like tea made from it...especially when you fuel it with the scraps of Irish turf which you can find on most boggy ground. Makes you smell like a tinker though!
  4. I want to get a kelly kettle. I pulled the trigger a couple of times but they were not in stock. Great piece of equipment.
  5. Looks like a rocket stove.
  6. At three pounds!!??!! Nothing that goes in my backpack weighs three pounds. Not my tent. Not my sleeping bag. Nothing. I've got several backpacking stoves; they range in weight from two ounces to 13 ounces. Cripes, talk about primitive equipment - save that for John Coulter and Jerimiah Johnson!
  7. iagree Bowhunted for mountain goats near darrington back in the 70s with a 12 pound pack for 5 days, thank goodness for a couple of blue grouse to supplement the freeze dried junk. My stove was the svea 123, still have it and yea it still sounds like a jet taking off.

  8. Jerimiah Johnson was based on John Johnston: A man if there ever was one. :thumb:

    I think that's the selling point. For backpacking I can see how it would be less than ideal. But for someone not backpacking: you don't need fuel canisters, no moving parts, nothing to break.
  9. So, how does this thing generate such heat? I do have a jet boil and I know how it works. The gas fueled burner generates an intense focused heat source on the cooking vessel. How does something fueled "by twigs and pine cones" possibly accomplish the same efficiency?
  10. The original Kelly Kettle i think is still the best, and only weights in a one pound for the one pint version,
    Sloan Craven i think there will be a dealer in BC soon if there is not already, if not let me know and i will speak to the boys in Ireland , and get some over in BC.
  11. I think that the cone shape of the inside of the kettle focuses the heat. But I'm not big into physics so Im just talking right now.

    Gordon, thanks for the heads up.
  12. Right on Sloan. the 'cone shaped' chimney 'coils' the flame as it comes up from the burner box. Trust me, it takes darned little in the way of flame to boil a half gallon of water.

    In that vein, what I do (chasing around looking for dry sticks is not my bag) is I'll take a gallon zip log bag and put in the same wood chunks you'd use in your smoker box on a BBQ. That and a fire starter tablet will give you a roaring fire in a few minutes regardless of the weather.


    Forgot to add: ordered up my copper kettle yesterday.
  13. Salmo, these types of 'boiler units' were never designed for back packing. That said, at three pounds that's a hell of a lot of copper. Ever priced copper cookware? :rofl:
  14. That was a quick turn around, Fred. They do look awful nice though. Im jelous.
  15. Daryle,

    the Svea 123 remains one of my favorites, tho I'm succumbing to the convenience of the Pocket Rocket. Haven't tried sole reliance on the 2 oz. titanium alcohol stove yet. Field trial wasn't as promising as the concept.

    Ron brought his Jetboil to Alaska, and one fuel canister kept us in hot water all week.


    If I'm not backpacking, I like a traditional billy pot over a small fire. Probably neither as quick nor fuel efficient as the Kelly.


  16. Nice! You make your famous chili in that.
  17. That's good information to have on the Jet Boil. I usually keep a little propane burner in my truck during the colder fishing trips so I can make some tea if I get too cold.
  18. A word of caution on the jet boil. It boils water FAST! I bought one with the sissyfied French press option and was giving it a test run in my kitchen prior to taking it on a camping trip. I had the lid sitting loosely on top and the next thing I know coffee is spurting out the lid, it roiled up so fast.

    A guy I'm with on the camping trip had one as well and I'm telling him this story while he's making coffee one morning. About the time I finish he looks at his and coffee is spurting out the lid on his too. :eek: Pretty funny.
  19. The folks returned my phone call in less than 24 hours, and the unit was shipped (day after Thanksgiving) the same day. Will report back when I get my hands on this puppy.

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