WTB WANT to BUY - Sage Switch Rod (5wt. prefered)

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by USMC VET, Apr 3, 2013.

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  1. I Want to buy a sage switch rod in like new condition, since I can not afford to buy a brand new one from a vendor/business , I am looking for something already bought that is taking up space in your home or man cave, maybe you have been thinking of thinning out your collection.
    So this is your chance to let go of that 5wt.switch rod that you just have no time to use or maybe you need the cash for something else ??
    Spring is a good time to sell, who knows when the next person will come along and want to purchase it, as we have all experienced fly rods in general do not appreciate they depreciate as soon as the next model comes on the market and by this time next year or sooner! anything owned now will be the old or really old model switch rod.

    I Will consider other brands of switch rods also in 5wt.
    Please PM me ASAP as I am looking at other forums and ebay for a Sage Switch Rod...thank You
  2. Water's West still has a 6 wt Spey rod for about $159.
  3. Thanks. already have a spey rod looking for a switch rod.
  4. just wanted to point it out as it's a good price. I realize there's a difference between a switch and a spey....and if a guy says he's looking for a SWITCH...
  5. It is a good buy, I may go ahead and pick it up for my neighbor who I am actually looking for a rod.. if he does not want it then I certainly don't mind having another.. thanks again for the heads up on this great price. Ron
  6. Some rods do appreciate. Have you seen what a tmf or sage ll go for? Anyhow- I had a z axis 5110 then gave it to my brother for a wedding gift and got a beulah 5wt plat. switch. Like the beulah better, and it costs less/ and is easier to find now. They are worth a look.
  7. I think the Beulah Plat. is a great rod per the reviews I have read unfortunately for me it is out of my price range. You have owned and fished the 5wt switch rod, how do you like if for cutthroat size fish.. I have a 8wt switch rod but want a smaller wt, for a good river trout rod, take care, Ron in Raymond WA
  8. A 5wt switch rod will roughly be similar to a 7wt single-hand- which might be a little over-kill for cutthroat...

    If you're wanting a switch rod that is similar to a 5/6wt (like for the cutthroat), you're going to want a 3/4wt Switch.
    I like a 4wt myself...
  9. Thanks that helps
  10. I know it's not a switch rod, but for cutties- you can't beat a dec hogan 4119. sweet stick, though getting hard to find. Bends deeps on trout, handles big browns well. Haven't had anything else on it-- but for trout, I've found it to be super fun and versatile. The 5wt. beulah is good as a switch rod (the 10' length makes realistic single hand casting easier- though I'm not a fan of SH casting w/ a switch rod) but it is a bit much for most trout I get into.
  11. I also recommend a 4wt switch. A 5 is too heavy. That being said I own an Echo SR 4wt switch and absolutely love it. Another great rod is the TFO Deer Creek 4wt switch. Niether one of these rods will break the bank too badly and the price vs quality is outstanding IMO. I just recently got into the spey game for trout and im hooked. I was bombing sculpins on the Yakima last weekend and had a ton of fun. Switches also make great nymphing rods. You can cast indicators and heavy flies pretty far.
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  12. Well you all have got me thinking 4wt. switch or even a spey
  13. I also have the 4wt Echo and it's one of my favourite sticks. It can swing, lob indi rigs, and also high-sticks really well.
    The price is also right.
    And for over-head casting, should you decide to do that, I find you can bomb a scandi head redics far (I wouldn't like it for over-heading a skagit) since it's pretty much like an Outbound in design (head plus running line...) or if you want the switch rod for the length, a 5 or 6wt WFF line works great.

    Definitely one of my most versatile roads.
  14. Ok you folks talked me into it, I am buying a 4wt Echo Sr. so is there a correct line size for this rod , I bought it to spey cast with, have no desire to overhand it, I would just use my sage single hand rod for casting.
    and do you use a regular fly reel in a larger weight size or large arbor.. welcome anyone's input.
  15. Friend of mine uses a 280 gr SA scandi extreme and he loves it.

    I use the 4 weight rio scandi short versi-tip on my 4116 and love it. Just get thin running line, makes all the difference in the world

  16. I use Scandi and Skagit heads in the 280-300 grain on this rod, or what I do sometimes, is use my 5wt WFF line if I plan on just over-heading it.

    As for reels, you'll want one that that is sized to balance the rod. The Echo Ion is a great inexpensive reel, a Redington Drift or Rise, Lamson Guru or Allen reels are all inexpensive and solid choices that won't break the bank.
    Your local fly shop should carry at least one of the reels I mentioned above and can probably personally help you fit one that feels good to you.
  17. Thanks for the information, I have several reels probably will take one off of my larger single hand rods and see how it feels... I was trying to figure out do I use a standard size reel in a 7/8 wt. or maybe a mid arbor or large arbor.. on my 8wt switch rod I purchased a 9/10 large arbor reel and It held the line perfectly and was a good balanced fit for the rod but with a 4wt. I am not so sure on reel size.

    Also, do you have any experience with the airflow Skagit switch fly line? their 4wt. is a 360 grains which seems to be far out of the grain window for the Echo 4wt. per their recommendations.. not sure why they have such a high grain for the 4wt

    take care, Ron
  18. I went looking for this rod on their site and I could not find it, they must have taken off the listing or I am just not looking in the right place. thanks, Ron
  19. For my 7wt switch, I use an Allen Alpha III in the 9/10 size. I imagine the same ratio scaled down would be fine for the 4wt.
    The reel that I have my skagit line on is a mid-arbor, where as my scandi is on an Echo Ion, which is large. It's a personal choice for preference as long as you aren't sacrificing balance and efficiency for aesthetics. If it looks good and doesn't work there is no point in wasting your time.
    As for a full switch line, I've never used one. Both my set ups (skagit and scandi), as well as my 7wt swtich set up are heads attached to a running line.
    The skagit head for the 4wt is a Beula Tonic attached to some random mono running line (can't remember), and the Scandi is an Airflo attached to SA running line. My 7wt is a Rio Skagit flight attached to Slickshooter.

    Nothing against a full out switch line, but I've never used one- maybe someone else who has can chime in.
  20. these lines perfectly match the Echo SR 4wt:

    Airflo Scandi Compact 240gr using poly leaders as tips.
    Rio Scandi Versitip in 4wt- comes with all tips you need. Add a custom cut 10ft of t8 for deep swings
    Rio switch 4/5

    I would not recommend a skagit line for this rod. You are better off with a scandi.
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