WTB WANT to BUY - Sage Switch Rod (5wt. prefered)

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by USMC VET, Apr 3, 2013.

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  1. SA Skagit Extreme heads at 280gr or 320gr would be an option for using T-8 or M.O.W. Light tips.

    Mr. Williams has good advice: Scandi heads and 'switch' lines generally work better with polyleaders or plain mono leaders.
  2. Hey Tom I ordered the Scandi but in the 270gr which is the recommended max for this rod, I like it to dig in and be a bit slow so hopefully the 270gr will be sufficient Ron
  3. Im not great at adding grain weights of tips and using the formula but I think you should be just fine as long as you use lighter tips.If you buy the complete set of 10ft trout polyleaders you will cover every water condition. I think you should be fine though. Also what running line did you get? I got the rio powerflex .024 I think, and its nice. Let me know how it casts and if you like that line. Ive got the versatip and thought about the scandi compact with polys. The rod is definitely fast action. Strong but still alot of fun on small trout. It will definitely handle big ones however. The first fish I hooked on it was a 7lb rainbow out of the truckee river. Put up a hell of a fight.
  4. I Purchased the same, powerflex .024 I also have .024 in Scientific Anglers and a new spool of AMNESIA in 30lb so I may try all three and see which works best

    I purchased the Airflo line and polyleaders so overall it should work fine, unfortunately the biggest trout we have here is cutthroat in fresh water.. they run 1-2 lbs 14-21 inches
    based on your big trout catches with this rod I assume it will handle my local cutthroat without problem. I envy everyone who lives where big trout are abundant.. but likewise they may not have steelhead either. I have a new Redington Rise 7/8 reel that I am going to try on this rod to see how it feels and balances.. not sure if that reel will be too big or not..

  5. That reel is perfect for the line. Should balance just fine.
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