Want to lake fish, can't walk on water

Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by kbigs, Apr 30, 2008.

  1. Hey Everyone,
    I would like to start lake fishing, but I don't have the funds at the time to get a float tube (still waiting for that 'economic stimulus' check).
    Can anyone suggest a few lakes that have some bank fishing potential?
    I am all for exploring, but with gas being 4 bucks a gallon, its pretty tough driving 2 hours only to find that a lake has a 20 foot stretch of accessible bank with fly-eating trees behind.
    I live in Seattle, but happy to drive if I know I can make some casts.
  2. Eastside or high lakes are the only ones I've ever seen around that are pretty castable. Good luck finding one nearby.
  3. If you're just waiting on the tax check it shouldn't be that long. Meantime you can always hit a lake where they rent boats...there are plenty of them around. If the tube ends up taking a while, you're only talking about May until streams open up. Good Luck!
  4. If you are in Seattle, Green lake is fishing well (so I hear) for stockers right now (some nice triploids in there) and will have bass and other fish later in the season. There is plenty of shore fishing that can be done with a fly rod.

    Also, plenty of lakes have wide open swimming areas that you can wade in or fish from the bank with no trees to snag your back cast. Find these and fish them when swimmers aren't around (early am, late evening, cold rainy days, etc).
  5. Lake Tyee in Monroe has very little trees around it. There is even a sandy beach you can fish from if you want. It can get pretty windy though with the lack of trees which makes it a little hard to cast from shore.
  6. Just a thought if you are looking for a cheap way to get on the water... in my early days of fishing, I used to hike in an inflatable raft with a two way pump to fish. It actually works pretty well. They're alot tougher than you think and usually have two or more chambers to keep you afloat in case you do happen to spring a leak. Those things actually haul some serious ass if you want to, as well. My whole set up came in one big box: boat, paddles, and pump I think for around 30-40 bucks.

    Just a suggestion if you want to get waterborne for cheap. I caught many fish on my old Sevylor. :thumb:
  7. Deep Lake and Rattlesnake lakes can both be fish from shore with fly rods. North Lake has plenty of shore to fish from but you will need to be able to roll cast well to fish it since there is lots of trees. Any lake with shoreline open to the public can be fished from shore as long as you can roll cast at least 30 ft of fly line.
  8. I'll second Rattlesnake. The lake is extremely low right now so casting from shore isn't a problem. There is even a peninsula on the south end of the lake.
  9. cabelas has U boats on sale for ~ 2 tanks of gas...
  10. bigs- keep your eye on craigslist, i saw a float tube on there a few weeks ago for $20, and see small livingston boats in the $400 range all the time.

    I cast from shore most of the time as I've usually my daughter with me, I just use different casting techniques or bring a pair of hip waders to get away from the trees/bushes.

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