WTB WANTED - 4/5 weight switch rod

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by USMC VET, Apr 7, 2013.

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  1. wanted a 4 or 5 weight switch rod in "like new" or gently used condition

    Might sonsider a 4wt spey rod if it is on the shorter side on length.
  2. Have you taken a look at the 11' 5wt St. Croix Imperial rods? They're US made and run about $250-270. If you can't find a good used rod these are worth a look.
  3. I have a Beulah 4/5 Switch Rod 10 foot 6 inch that I have used twice. Thought I would use it more but use my 9 foot 9 inch single instead. Can send pictures if interested. $275.
  4. what model is it and can you use regular rio scandi on it
  5. I have a Brand New switch Echo SR 10'6" 4 wt. Will sell for $250.
  7. Just trying to help:
    These rods care more about grain weight than if a line is a scandi head with running line or a single-hand steelhead line.
  8. If I were you I'd jump on that Echo. You won't regret it. Paired with a 240gr scandi compact or 270 scandi versitip. You will be slaying trout!

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  9. I thought I did buy it, Yesterday I asked for his mailing address to send payment but have gotten no response. Will have to try one more time.. Ron
  10. Greetings, I sent a message yesterday regarding the 4wt Echo Switch Rod.. need your mailing address to send payment thanks, Ron
  11. For $25 more I would get the Beulah Classic.
  12. If he doesn't respond someone posted a new one in the classifieds earlier today for 270$. That one may be in better condition. From his posting it doesn't sound like he fished it.

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  13. Ron,

    Sent you a PM yesterday. Maybe it didn't go through? Resent.. CHeck your PMs. Thanks.

  14. there's a 5119 tcx on spey pages.
  16. Good Stuff. What did you end up getting? Let me know if you want to link up and hit the Yakima Sometime.
  17. Greetings Tom, I ended up purchasing (advertised as new and unused) Echo SR. 4wt for an agreed price of $235.00 shipped..

    I actually got it for an in-law who has been asking me to keep an eye out for an Echo but if he does not want it I guess I will have a 4wt switch rod to use.

    I own a 8wt. Redington Prospector Switch Rod and a Winston 8wt Spey Rod that I cast for the first time about 3 weeks ago.. It is a long rod but I think it is going to be a great rod for big water, I just need to practice spey casting... The Yakima, I will have to take you up on that offer sometime.. I have been trying to figure out where to fish in that area as I am in Downtown Yakima 3 times a year attending Marine Corps League Conventions, I just know we stay in a motel near a public center building of some sort. As a matter of fact I was suppose to be there this past weekend for our spring meeting but other things kept me from going. take care and keep contact anytime.. Ron in Raymond WA West side of the hill
  18. Congrats on the new rod. Pat Lat has the same rod and I got to try it out last month on the Yakima. I don't know how to spey cast, but tried some roll casts and double hand overhead. Both seems to work well. I can see it being the perfect tool for beach fishing for Salmon. A 4-5wt double hander is definatly in my future.
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