wanted: fishin/hiking/camping partner for the coming summer

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  1. figured I'd toss a line out

    looking for a partner because company is always nicer (I'll boil water, you filter, etc...) and for the safety aspect.

    about me and my plans:

    I might not have the coolest gear, but I should have atleast 2 of anything (shouldn't need to borrow something, probably have something to lend if needed).

    I suck at swimming, but if your raft (got a sevylor that might still be around that I could lend) pops a leak and you're sinking I'll drown trying.

    your lake/your organized trip, your rules.
    C&R only (I don't eat fish [can't stand em], if they are too beat up I eat out of not letting them go to waste), fly only, can't stand my smoking I'll walk 50 feet down wind. Unless otherwise said anywhere shown is considered private property by me (3 years down the road I might PM and ask if you mind seeing me at some spot you brought me to, I'm very serious about this). Like I said willing to conform when/where necessary.

    I have enough plans to fill every weekend june to early sept, mostly overnighters, half of those are lakes I've never been (exploration). I do not need someone to tell me where to go (though better ideas are always a good thing, places I want to go arn't very secret).

    I'm pretty comfy in the woods, will not require babysitting.
    Know enough about fly fishing stillwater to catch fish and not look too stupid (probably won't learn anything from me, if you can cast I'll probably learn something from you).
    I hike fairly slow, about a mile to 30 minutes with 2k elev gain over about 5-6 miles then it gets slower.
    I'm a bit on the childish side (that fly in my neck, yeah I'm going to laugh about that for awhile. That fire, you can bet I'm playing in it. etc...).
    And I forget details sometimes (that fly in my neck [again], yeah I forgot to pinch that barb, spent a few nights with the wrong fuel for the stove... sun warmed mt house is not awesome, things like that).
    I usually pack a few cans of beer, and after about mile 5 those get too heavy... somehow it's lighter in my gut then it is in my pack.
    I believe a 3 inch trout is every bit as awesome as a 3 foot salmon, and I'll try to catch them (see childish above).

    ohh... and like my last attempt recruiting a fishing partner here, but with a little more drive (timing/direction finding/company just never quite worked out). I wanna get me a picture of a golden trout on the end of my line.

    Looking for someone that I won't need to babysit, wouldn't mind a "hey lets go hiking for 2 days, then bushwhack for a few miles then fish", isn't going to look to me as a fly fishing resource (cause if you do, you'll have to unlearn it all). Isn't going to freak out seeing a spinning reel and a few floats in my fishing gear (or if the situation warrants, a rooster tail [gasp]). Isn't going to freak out because I happened to forget to pick up a cigarette (unfiltered, a good rain and it's gone) butt. Isn't going to lecture me on why my politics/beliefs are wrong. Will let me know of known equipment shortcomings prior to hitting the trailhead (not "oops I forgot to bring", but "hey so I only brought a sandwich for 3 days, can I borrow..."), isn't expecting to pack a full size pillow (from their bed). Won't cut a trip short because the company just isn't good, if anything ignore me and fish. I expect you to be kinda like me, taking vacation time/planning to go fishing means go fishing (serious about fishing [bait, crank, or 3-weight (come on it's the best rhyme I could come up with)], not very serious about much else). May not agree with the law as it is, but will not blatantly break the law (that's a mighty fine fire you built, it's just... yeah we're not supposed to have fires here).

    sorry, my list of what I can offer and what I'm looking for gets a little longer everytime I go fishing/camping with someone. And sorry about the disorganized rambling on, I kept remembering stuff to add. Became more of a vent then an invite...
  2. figured campin, hiking, cooking was a good place for this if not please let me know or mods please move.

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