WANTED: Force Fins

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by Lex Story, Apr 27, 2004.

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  1. Trying to avoid paying full retail.


  2. I have a pair I'm willing to part with. Their blue with a adustable heal strap. Shoot me an e'mail.

  3. Hey Ira....do you still have them?? I sent you an email also, last week. let me know if you still got em and havent sold em.


    ~Patrick ><>

    Remember who created the fish!
  4. I sent you an email. Please check.

  5. Not to diss the person who has the adjustable fins here for sale, but the couple buddies of mine who have the adjustable Force Fins wish they had purchased the standard style. And, these guys fish a ton and have had them for years. I have the standards, and they are incredible.

    Outdoor Emporium had a couple pair floating, both adjustable and fixed, for a less than retail price. If I recall, it was a pretty darn good price.
  6. I wonder if I can cut a $30.00 pair of fins to the same shape of the Force Fins, will they be just as effective? The only difference I see is just the bottom fin shape, which I can EASILY cut to shape. Or do you guys think this is a bad idea? Thanks
    Not trying to be cheap but creative...

    Peter ><>
  7. I field tested the force fins originally for diving and it's the "crown" of the fins as well as the v-shape that gives it the power when you kick, trying to simulate a dolphin tail. So, no, I doubt that cutting down a standard set of fins would work.
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