Wanted - Old Refrigerator (metal interior)

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by Bruce Gibson, Oct 9, 2005.

  1. Bruce Gibson

    Bruce Gibson What's that?...umm tastes good.

    I'm looking for an old refirgerator; the kind with the metal interior (no plastic). If you have or know of anyone that has one, I am greatly interested. THANKS!!!
  2. Jergens

    Jergens AKA Joe Willauer

  3. Denny

    Denny Active Member

    Jergens, you looking for any particular size? I'm going through a remodel on a new "old" home, and I'll check on the interior of that refrigerator . . .

  4. willieboat

    willieboat Member

    Sounds like a smoker in the making.
    You should swing by a city/county recycling center. I'm sure that they'd let you pick one out. Lacey has a lot of them. Exit 111 off I-5. Turn right, half mile is the entrance to the dump.

  5. Bruce Gibson

    Bruce Gibson What's that?...umm tastes good.

    That's exactly what I'm doing. Any size will work, as long at the interior isn't plastic. The lil'Chief just doesn't cut it. It's too difficult to maintain the right temp. Maybe I'll need a second one for the keg :beer1: after the fish are done. I took a look at my dad's and it's a 1950's Kelvinator.
  6. Fishunter

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    I have one that is all metal. It is Leonard. It is the old style with the rounded off sides and the top is slightly domed. It has metal trays in it as well. You would probably just have to take out the inner front compartment doors. It actually is an old upright freezer not a refrigerator. Yours for the taking if you like.