WANTED: Sage RPL+ Trout Rods

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by Ed Call, Oct 2, 2011.

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  1. Bracketed for sure. I've seen both of those, thanks Mr. O'Doyle. My friend really can only spring for one and he's holding out hope for the 590-4 RPL+ to fill his needs.
  2. Mumbles - I sent you a PM.

    Thanks to this thread I've been looking at Sage rods on ebay and there are a ton. But my question is how does one wade through all the marketing BS to know what the action/feel of any of these is like? We have here a guy who likes the RPL+. There are Vantage rods, TCR, TCX, VXP, VXL, One rods, FLi and Z-Axis, SLT and Flight rods. And that's not all of them. So I'm a guy who loves the now discontinued RPL+ - is that action completely gone or is there something comparable in all this new stuff. I want an RPL+ - so tell me that is not available any more but fish the new TPS report rod - it's the same rod with a new name. That I get. If that taper/material combination that I like so much is gone forever what do I do? Am the only one who this would frustrate the hell out of?
  3. He's pretty dialed in and wants the 590-4 RPL+ factory rod. If you have one for sale, please let me know. Thank you all.
  4. I'm tracking that one. Are any of you meat heads going to get into bidding on that one? No need to drive up the price, so let me know if you are. I'll alert my friend and get him dialed into that one...unless one of you are serious about bidding it up against him.
  5. It went from $48 to $168 since I posted the link here.
  6. I sent him a PM with the link so I wouldn't enourage competition from every rube with an ebay account...nice work. And no, I will not be bidding on it.
  7. Yeah, I appreciate the PM and link. The public notice not as much! Thanks though Boboo_3. If the price fits, my pal might consider it. I must say, I hate the auction site and prefer the classifieds of WFF.
  8. just trying to benefit the "whole community" here. My motto, bid what you're comfortable with and may the best bid win. On auction sites, it is what it is since the whole damned world can see the auction anyway.

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