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Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by trout stalker, Feb 18, 2006.

  1. trout stalker member

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    Im looking for a camera for flyfishing this summer. Im not looking for the best camera just a digital camera that will get the job done.
  2. QHays Premember

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    I have a little Sony waterproof digital that's pretty sweet. Can't remember the model #, but it's blue and white, wp to 6 feet or so, no zoom, but it turns on and off really easily and can be operated completely with one hand. Take a look on eBay for something...
  3. Voyagertwelve Member

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    The camera Qhays is refering to is the Sony DSC-U60 and it is a great camera however they are currently going on ebay for more than when they were new, I know this because I got over $350 for the one I sold recently. I replaced it with the Pentax WPi as it has a zoom lens and the ability to take movies and because I sold my Sony for stupid money I bought the Pentax and have money left over.:p You should be able to find the Wpi for around $300 and the older WP which is the same but 5 mega pixels for less. Both cameras are fully submersible
  4. QHays Premember

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    That's nuts... I bought mine on eBay about two years ago now for less than a hundred bucks... If you have to pay a bunch for it (the Sony), go with the Pentax for all the added features...
  5. Dan Reynolds Member

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    I just picked up a pentax optio wpi....great camera! I don't know how often I'll dunk it but I like the fact that I can take pictures in the rain without worrying about the camera. Easy to use...fits in the pocket...quick to fire up and snap a shot. Movie mode works great (although the movies don't work well in low light situations...they look ok for playback on screen cause it's backlit but when viewed on the computer or tv they are darker...)

  6. trout stalker member

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    So is any one selling any of these cameras
  7. QHays Premember

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    Sorry -- we're just bored and like to give out tons of free stuff -- like advice. I do recommend checking out eBay though, or Craig's list...
  8. ZugBug Member

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    I also have the Sony DSC-U60 and really like it. Fits great in your pocket, easy one handed operation, and very durable. You can get one on eBay for $150-$200. Not sure what the bidders on Voyagertwelve's auction were smoking, but that's not the normal going price. My buddy has the Pentax optio and it's sweet too.

  9. bigtj Member

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    You can buy what's called a digital still housing for about $125 for any digital camera and make it waterproof. Check out b&h photo online or catalog. I have a nikon coolpx with a fantasea digital housing. I take photos of fish under water with it, it's waterproof to at least 10 m. Buy a decent digital camera for $150 and the still housing and for less than $300 you are in business.

  10. MauiJim ka lawai'a

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    I did something similar- a shop near me was closing out some waterproof camera housings for the Sony DSC-90; it wasn't my first choice for a camera, but for the camera + housing it was $250, so it was a steal and I really like the setup (4 megapixels, I'd like more but the image quality/color saturation is actually really great). It's waterproof to 10ft, and the housing is really sturdy.

    Search eBay for the Sony Cybershot Sportspack housing, or just search the model number "spk-sa". It will fit DSC-90s and a few other Sony cameras which are pretty cheap now, so you could probably get both camera and housing for under $300. It's a good little point-and-shoot camera on its own, and the worry-free operation with the housing has gotten me some great pics in places I would have left my digital in my pack for fear of getting it wet.
  11. Christian Brewer Super Slacker

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    More free stuff (advice that is)....I have that Sony DSC-U60 and love it also. It takes great pics, the batteries last along time, and is very durable. And for taking pictures of fish, bugs, or the river surroundings, it is very seldom that I regret not having the zoom feature. I fell completely into the Skykomish three weeks ago and floated about 20 yards down stream before I could get my footing well enough to make it back to the bank. The camera still works great, but my cell phone on the otherhand did not fair as well!!!
  12. Josh Benjamin Member

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  13. Dylan D Member

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    Not sure if you're needing waterproof (as in underwater shots) or just water/weather resistant (as in don't freak when it starts raining). If you're open to the second requirement, I recommend the Olympus Stylus 500. It's what I purchased when faced with the same dilemma. I've had it a year now and absolutely love it. 5MP, long battery life, small, point and shoot if you want or get technical if you want, and excellent pictures. :D